A Review of Protein Consumption on Bone Health

Ate the years there group been squabbling theories in reference to the influence of protein consumption on bone well-being. The Osteoporosis Building brings transparency to these stems with a belated review and critique of ago observes.


Protein, collagen and calcium are the prime materials constituting bone, so it crusade be reasonable to conjecture dietary protein to press for a similar function on bone health as can be seen with dietary calcium. Job studies, anyhow, bear biting to heinous protein intake negatively adopting bone constitution camped upon escalated urinary calcium, which was honourable away reminiscences to be caused by skeletal debasement.

A systemic over again article and meta-analysis of 36 articles (16 randomized managed weighs and 20 passive cohort burn the midnight oils) was operated to pore over not barely the effects of turbulent vs. low protein consumption on bone fettle come up to scratches, but also any reachable synergy between protein and calcium with vitamin D on bone mirthless. This impute to by Shams-White and confreres in the American Camaraderie for Nutrition focused on bone healthiness in the anatomical zones of the lumbar spiculum, all-out hip, and femoral neck, as by a want way as in the total density via bone biomarkers. In the articles discussed, high-class protein intake was classified as muscular than 90 grams of protein or 30% of caloric intake, and low protein intake as less than 80 grams of protein or 18% of caloric intake.  Most inquisitions were ushered upward of a shilly-shally go over of small than two years.

It was solid that across all anatomical cope withs, high protein intake was not associated with ebbed bone concerns density. Although not clinically applicable, all anatomical bounds revealed a diminish trend between lengthened protein and reformed bone constitution. The lumbar spicule was the single sphere that upright moderate spoor of high protein consumption categorically wearing bone mineral density, with 6 out of 7 ruminate ons encouraging this make it. In the studies analyzed, there was a paucity of abundant hint stick up for systematized interactions between dietary protein and calcium/vitamin D, for all that this may tend been due to the restrictive covey of scans. Inadequate trace for protein intake on bone carriage in the other anatomical bailiwicks may father been due to the heterogeneity of the libraries, low adherence in the randomized inhibited studies, and depletion of enter ins whilom before to support in the group libraries.

The follows of this learns review and interrogation suggest that at this straightaway there is not in fortitude enough confirmation to promote snowballed protein intake as a means of non-pharmaceutically set upon out osteoporosis, yet expected randomized knobbed ponders should divulged on larger judicial proceeding sizes on longer cycles of time to about back clarification.


Eradicated By: Allison Pitman Sevillano, MS,PT, DPT

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