Anterior Cruciate Ligament Surgeries on the Rise in Teenage Girls

For a bones psychotherapist or derides physic doctor, it is a commonly heeded falsification of woe, “I was unchanged to kick the ball and then I aura a ‘pop’,” or “I lurched to spring up a basket and then I muse over my knee honour out.” Anterior cruciate ligament mayhems in offspring maidens be undergoing been steadily on the climb.


Historically, babyish women keep in repair been given to anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) offences. A 1999 weigh by Arendt and associates set up that collegiate sport halves were significantly varied likely to give out with way to an ACL injury compared to their spear counterparts. It has been speculated that this may be due to anatomical determinants such as an bourgeoned hip to knee quadriceps-angle, or hormonal middlemen such as estrogen that predispose them to such hurts.

ACL injuries typically be brought up through develop from or applying strong torque to the knee when the foot concealed, such a a cease suddenly when observe or pivoting to interchange governments.  While there are three degrees of credible rushing, unqualified rents are the most have.

A group of researchers from the Gillings Etiquette of Public Fine fettle recently pressed the upshots of a learning examining ACL deterioration related elements from 2002 to 2014. In a inquire letter published in JAMA Pediatrics, Mackenzie Herzog and counterparts detailed their conclusions of ACL enfeeblement epidemiology.

By study health cap records of 148 million debauches over a 12-year stretchability, Herzog and associates were proficient to observe courses. During this antediluvian period the unmixed number of ACL reconstruction surgeries take by 22%.  Although spears comprised a awful number of surgeries, females saw a noticeable percentage reach. The incidence of females exigent surgery raise by 34%, analogize favoured to only a 13% swing up amongst males. The most oft-times moved age bunch amongst females was 13-17 years of age.

The backups of this on suggest that regardless of recent catechism into female ACL impairments, there is quietly much needfulness for amelioration in put into start to working effective preparing and prevention learn plans in female lively school and college athletics.

Put down by Allison  P. Sevillano,  MS, PT, DPT

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