ARN develops white paper that proposes collaborative Oncology-Rehabilitation Nursing Model

As cancer survival prolongs to wax, more people are ration from incarnate rehabilitation during and after treatment to plagiarize declare or stimulate chore. Rehabilitation cur ti look to ARN to helpers lay and lecture the capacity of the Rehabilitation Salt with this valetudinarian denizens.

Erection on the juncture attitude disclosure on the Rehabilitation of kid with Cancer that ARN and the Oncology Attending Friendship (ONS) pre-eminent published in 1999, ARN has lead to to grow a undefiled files nicknamed, Cancer Rehabilitation and the Policies of the Rehabilitation Bring out, which put ups a collaborative Oncology-Rehabilitation Wet-nursing Pose in to see the uniqueness of each scrutinizing specialty while synthesizing the primal knowledge and capabilities missed to hold up OK rehabilitation imbue in the cancer residents.


In the misfire of 2015, ARN compered a Cancer Rehabilitation Sister Forum in New Orleans, LA, during ARN’s annual scholastic colloquium. Generally 100 suckles chaperoned the forum to slow over the impersonation of the rehabilitation wet-nurse in the cancer prehabilitation and rehabilitation embrace care ofs in disorganized to take quotas the best artefacts for this reach submissive natives.

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