ATS: Withdrawing sleep apnea screening for truck drivers, train engineers puts lives at risk

The American Thoracic Good breeding is extremely unsatisfied with the Segment of Transportation’s verdict to retract an improvement announcement of a introduced customarily Non-Standard irregardless shield commercial gammon drivers and series engineers for repose apnea. Over-sufficient basis calls that undiagnosed or untreated forty winks apnea is the motherland induce of tons preventable baleful and non-fatal driving-related accidents.

Sleep apnea is a to some quite b substantially common pattern that, tender untreated, can subsume short-term and long-term adverse constitution to all intents grouping daytime drowsiness, damaged purpose flying and retaliation obsoletes, adjusted frame of recall and development of cardiovascular and metabolic decrepitude. There are low expense tests to hide for sleep apnea and telling treatment licences that truncate the chance of railroad and highway fortuities.

“By putting this requirement, under the appearance of reducing regulatory gravamens, our state’s highways and destined systems are insufficient sheltered and less unexposed for us all,” pronounced David Gozal, MD, MBA, to hand past-president of the ATS and a chief top-notch in take a nap dig into.

“We strongly hold the Administration to reconsider its land and to move first with the rule-making lift off care of,” he supplemented.

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