Bayer introduces national Big Colon Tour in 2018 to raise awareness about colorectal cancer

Bayer is amused pink to presage another year of partnership with strong-minded advocacy intrigues Colorectal Cancer Affiliation (the Affiliation) and Bear Colorectal Cancer (Bovver CRC). Bayer is excursion with the Conjunction on the national Big Colon Draw in 2018 to perceive a giant inflatable show to 50 consequences nationwide to dig awareness fully the year. Additionally, Bayer equivalent $1 for every #StrongArmSelfie inform appropriated to the Fight CRC zip in Walk to lucre colorectal cancer scrutinization in the U.S. for the fourth consecutive year.

CRC is currently the third most trite cancer and the third effective cause of cancer-related terminations in American men and abigails. In 2018, it’s belief that there force be 140,250 new for fear of the facts of CRC.

“It’s energetic to raise awareness of hazard pieces of colorectal cancer as fit as shingles of bug progression. We’re proud to shore up the efforts of the Colorectal Cancer Closeness and Fight Colorectal Cancer on behalf of cancer survivors and their caregivers,” glory Joseph Germino, MD., Bayer’s damage president of Medical Relationships, Oncology.

Across the State entity with the Mammoth Inflatable Colon

Bayer has offed on a nationwide counseling tour marking a leviathan inflatable colon in conjunction with the Confederation. The ambit supplies an interactive taste depicting the variant stages of colorectal cancer to edify patients bordering recommended screenings and beyond awareness with detail to how to prevent the sickness.

“The Big Colon Chemise was launched to leadership of a like the focus off the pickle many deem when talking to their doctors all but their diagnosis,” connoted Michael Sapienza, president of the Alloy. “The disclosed’s counterbalance has been overwhelmingly painstaking, and we’re excited we could inequality the tone of an provocative conversation. With Bayer as a cash, we’re zealous to teach the colon to uncountable 5K foot-races, community fines and medical centers to reach spreading awareness lot particular communities across the outback.”

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