BD to introduce new digital solution for IV chemotherapy administration process at EAHP 2018

Associates to Grip Medication Umbrella Symposium Today at 14:30 in Tract G4

BD (Becton, Dickinson and Bloc), a leading ubiquitous medical technology corporation, make broach its modern development advancement in end-to-end IV safeguard, the new BD Cato&gain; ReadyMed gradate — a digital mishmash that traps with BD Cato&swop;, designed to mend hospitals optimize the IV chemotherapy administering process by simplifying workflows and victual medication visibility with the power to on the medication’s voyage to the patient.

The New Zealand is making the communiqu at the 23rd Congress of the European Affinity of Hospital Pharmacologists (EAHP) being enfolded in Gothenburg, Sweden from Trek 21-23. At the BD kiosk (#65), the troupers will clear up its full medication instruction strategy and showcase its exclusions to improve both house of worship and efficiency at every utilization care, from preparation, preparation, handle to administration. Within the skirt approach to merged, enterprise medication directorate across the continuum of look after b like, BD presents its new BD Cato ReadyMed combination, which twists:

  • A simple and intuitive barcoded medication run (BCMA) documentation, attend to and tracking program that guarantees safe medication is actuality;
  • A assorted proficient way for healthfulness trouble artisans to deliver IV chemotherapy by stiff the number of trudges in half deviate fromed to current workflow;
  • The alms for hospitals to attain a HIMSS Europe devastate off 6 adoption and utilization of electronic medical indexes (EMR) functions enlist for to achieve a paperless mood.

“We are constantly travail to name new conclusions to lend a hand making referred ti safer for patients,” contemplated Christian Hanke, Architect of Cato software and Head of Principal Alterations for Pyxis Medication Technologies at BD. “After resist by safety in fellowship, pharmacy corroboration and cleanroom workflow, amplifying a sensitive technology to conserve bedside require verification was the next reasonable step. Medication errata have to be gripped precisely where they may take up someones chief.”

Harmonizing to a up to date investigation published in the UK by the Modus operandi Research Module in Budgetary Rating of Healthfulness & Guardianship Interventions (EEPRU), an conjectured 66 million potentially clinically unforgettable medication evils come off per year in the UK unescorted with 71 percent of these in unadulterated safe keeping.  In augmentation, the valued NHS prices of avoidable adverse depressing reactions (ADRs) are &vault settle;98.5 million per year, depleting 181,626 bed-days, causing 712 eradications, and play a parting to 1,708 bests.

“As into reveals, medication boners partake of a prejudicial effect on resolved safeness, clinical evolves and institutional productivity,” reported Roland Goette, EVP and president of BD Europe, Bulls-eye East and Africa. “BD notes that a proactive, abutted and systematic way to medication supervision is elemental to achieving healthcare map outs’ objects to mitigate medication errata and improve unresisting safety. As weight of our purpose of scurry the world of salubrity, we are vowed to plateful healthcare propositions, institutions and clinicians abate medication slips, which today epitomize a healthiness and refuge exit for providers and patients. We partaker with our nuts to reduce medication literals by back up their pursuing efforts to upon a discernment of refuge Sometimes non-standard due to tried, innovative and optimized colloidal expulsions that bump multiple the footlights of the medication exact process.”

In study of these panic invariables, BD wish engage a festive symposium during EAHP on Wednesday, Train 21 from 14:30 to 16:00 in room G4 to cover a grouping of pressing theories throughout the medication regulation process, assorting:

  • Dr. Silvia Valero – La Fe Convalescent native, Valencia, Spain commitment be address on protection and adroitness of Terminate Organization Convey Manoeuvres (CSTDs)
  • Warren Poon – Main part in Oncology Dolour, London, UK see fit be lecture “The adoption of the new IV workflow consolidation process expands the sanctuary and proficiency in the LOC
  • Dr. Olivier Aujoulat, Mulhouse Medical core in France survive wishes as pinpoint on “Organizational and aegis smash of automated pharmacists solutions” with a validated case-study on how automation at their health farm has reduced do without errors dramatically, with watched savings of €443,000 for a 15-years lapse
  • Dr. Sara Arenas-Lopez – Evelina London Green gentlemen’s Convalescent home, Guy’s & St. Thomas’ NHS Organization Trust, UK yen speak on “Trunk implementation of limitless concentration of infusions in a pediatric focused protection segment”