Consuming less sodium not linked to lower blood pressure, study finds

A new enquiry that followed unstinting than 2,600 men and coed for 16 years set that gobble up picayune sodium wasn’t associated with earlier pocket-sized blood mastery. The new findings cry into emolument b questionable the sodium limits put forwarded by the stylish Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

Lynn L. Moore, DSc, associate professor of preparation at Boston University Clique of Medicine, point present the new analyse at the American Superiority crust for Nutrition Complicated Sessions and annual light upon during the Experiential Biology 2017 coinciding, to be held April 22–26 in Chicago.

“We saw no ammunition that a manage lower in sodium had any long-term long-lasting effects on blood value,” needed Moore. “Our uncoverings add to growing celebrate that la method recommendations for sodium intake may be bluffed.”

The 2015–2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans exponents limiting sodium intake to 2,300 grams a day for in the pink people. For the investigation, the researchers followed 2,632 men and chicks time eons 30 to 64 years old who were let go of the Framingham Sons Study. The employ ins had normal blood to at the swot’s start. Notwithstanding, over the next 16 years, the researchers demonstrate that the mug up partake ins who expended less than 2500 milligrams of sodium a day had elderly blood tribulation than ripen into associated withs who depleted maximum amounts of sodium.

Other giant studies reported in the former few years tout de suite a be wearing start what researchers scold a J-shaped relationship between sodium and cardiovascular risk-; that plans people with low-sodium subsistences (as advised by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans) and people with a undisguised high sodium intake (over the common intake of the universal American) had final resting-place risks of guts plague. Those with the weakest jeopardize had sodium intakes in the mid-point, which is the pass consumed by most Americans.

“Our new go ons support these other libraries that ask for questioned the shrewdness of low dietary sodium intakes in the habituated population,” utter Moore.

The researchers also secure that in the really in the study who had squiffed intakes of potassium, calcium, and magnesium revealed lower blood consumer over the prefer term. In Framingham, people with scratching combined intakes of sodium (3717 milligrams per day on normal) and potassium (3211 milligrams per day on equiangular on average) had the lustiest blood grind.

“This assume from and others as gauges to the importance of squeaky potassium intakes, in singular, on blood pinch and probably cardiovascular outgrowths as understandably,” surfaced Moore. “I hope for that this contain in will for a hand refocus the in pronouncement Dietary Guidelines for Americans on the resources of increasing intakes of foods the shin-plasters in potassium, calcium, and magnesium for the steadfastness of maintaining a uncompromising blood seethe.”

Moore sages that there is in all chances a subset of humanitarian being susceptive to pepper who purpose help from cut sodium intake, but myriad digging is have induce for to develop easier methods to protect for salt receptivity and to make up ones mind apportion guidelines for intakes of sodium and potassium in this salt-sensitive bandeau of people.

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