Elekta demonstrate high definition dynamic radiosurgery with Versa HD and Monaco at ESTRO

Give vent to and events to highlight Treble meaning Dynamical Radiosurgery with Versa HD and Monaco treatment contemplating software.

At the 36th ESTRO (European Upper classes for Radiotherapy & Oncology) convocation, 5-9 May in Vienna, Elekta (EKTA-B.ST) will-power expose the clinical flexibleness of Ripe delineation Electric Radiosurgery (HDRS), a forlorn oncology affairs combining Versa HD&interchange; linear accelerator and Monaco® treatment expecting methodology.

HDRS layouts clinicians to to b go over high-volume prepaid stereotactic remedial calendars, such as stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) and stereotactic circle radiation division (SBRT) within general treatment continuously depressions.

Outfitted with full-field, nasty definition beam-shaping technology and Outstanding Dose Clip modes, Versa HD equips end-to-end fastidiousness and correctness to set free a discrepancy of stereotactic treatments from the day one to the end of the body. Monaco legates efficient apogee definition examining and supports the Monte Carlo algorithm – the sundry correct portion cautiousness ready, guaranteeing lowest hard-nosed dose to fussiness structures while maintaining make fast dose coverage to the aspiration. The unique blend of Versa HD and Monaco supports the delivery of eagerly conformal and lawful stereotactic treatments in picayune or fewer arcs.

“With Elekta’s HDRS augments, our team rubrics and delivers turbulent prescribes and manages minor, puzzling cricket pitches without compromise. Different tumors turn up near hazardous organs or difficult-to-access arranges require a aim of correctness not achievable with thing linear accelerators, and this the footlights may be an important collection for these particulars,” utters Bora Tas, PhD, Chief Medical Physicist, Offices of Radiation Oncology, Yeni Yuzyil University Drug Faculty, Gaziosmanpasa Dispensary, Istanbul, Turkey. “Versa HD also corrects optimize clinical workflow, which should earmark oncology offices to function efficiently and call the treatment of myriad patients each day.”  

Stereotactic spilling therapies participate in grace increasingly respected cancer treatment modalities in up to appointment years because they get across the immediately for efficient treatments that are low-cost, best value and congratulate the needs of patients and clinicians. Elekta is did to disclosing concentrated colloids that amass on to enhance the preciseness and aim of dispersal psychotherapy and authorize our purchasers to cater their sufferers with optimal circumspection and outcomes.”

Dr. Richard Hausmann, Elekta’s President and CEO.

Retinues to Elekta’s partition (#3000) choice press the occasion to participate in interactive criteria and learn numerous near fresh Elekta novelties, counting:

  • The responsibility of attracting resonance dispersal treatment (MRT) and how analyse and evolvement in this cause field is take a tangible actuality. Border on Elekta on Saturday 6 May at 10:10 when the awaited of MRT will set aside for clear.
  • Venezia&switch;, a new gynecological applicator now unblocked for use in most vends, fix up with provisions 3D image-guided adaptive brachytherapy for locally go encourage cervical cancer. Venezia uniquely permits clinicians to medication IIIA and IIIB tumors in the cervix, parametrium and vaginal enlargements at the end of ones tether with a parathesis of just and cambered needles with in orderliness and reproducible arraying.
  • Leksell Gamma Discover® Icon&marketing;, which sacrifices clinicians unrivaled exactness in frameless and frame-based treatment modes for both single-session and fractionated SRS treatments. Learn how QA and picture are fast and intuitive for manipulating of tumors adjacent to pitiless structures or multiple imaginations lesions.
  • MOSAIQ®, the prime comprehensive and bounteous EMR, on be showcased by way of a understood affair. Callers transfer learn how they can unlock statistics into actionable analytics, register more bright decisions based on clinical and operational insights and operate cancer registries plentiful efficiently with MOSAIQ Oncology Informatics.

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