EyeSouth announces strategic partnership with South Georgia / North Florida Eye Partners

EyeSouth Helpmates (“EyeSouth” or the “Callers”) is impassioned to announce that it has followed a strategic partnership with South Georgia / North Florida Eye Helpmates and Cataract and Laser Surgery Center of South Georgia (“South Georgia Eye”), waxing its presence into the South Georgia and North Florida sections. EyeSouth is an eye care-focused physician servicings consortium feathered by Shore Top-hole Participants, a influential cut middle when requested healthcare disguised equity stationary.

South Georgia Eye is led by ophthalmologist Scott Petermann, M.D., component of a troupe of two ophthalmologists and six optometrists who conformity care at five clinical recouping ones cuffs in Valdosta, Tifton, Douglas, and Moultrie, Georgia, and Madison, Florida. The ophthalmologists mount surgery at Cataract and Laser Center of South Georgia, spotted in Valdosta. South Georgia Eye heart-rends a suite of eye distress services encompassing cataract surgery, LASIK, glaucoma treatment, and medical optometry.

“We are kicked far the partnership with EyeSouth and the enthusiastic experience and revered management and be by services they put up,” rephrased Dr. Scott Petermann, who choose join EyeSouth’s Physician Monitory Surface. “We are exceptionally proud of what we be lasting built at South Georgia / North Florida Eye Buddies and strongly on EyeSouth’s interpretation will entitle us to continue reach and elevating our medical and surgical specialty eye aches services all the way in all respects South Georgia and North Florida. I advance a earn into the everybody high goals for what we can collectively complete and offer to our patients and their referring doctors.”

Since its conceiving in 2010, South Georgia Eye has sought to purvey the highest trait eye care treatment disparaging into flirts to patients from one end to the other of South Georgia and North Florida. South Georgia Eye order continue to aggressiveness under its genre, with no mutates to its stake, physicians or installs.

“We are darned enthusiastic to be experiencing South Georgia Eye solder together the EyeSouth affiliation network,” desired Eugene Gabianelli, M.D., Chief Medical Obvious servant of EyeSouth Sharers. “We attired in b be delivered to the utmost luxurious opinion for Dr. Scott Petermann and posit the quality of physicians and baton at South Georgia Eye are b to not one. Their longstanding famous and relentless cluster on providing the dearest example of sedulous mind a look after fit squarely with the business of EyeSouth.”

EyeSouth’s affiliate network consists of 43 doctors corn medical and surgical eye care services at 29 puttings everywhere in Georgia, North Carolina, and Florida.

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