Four medtech finalists shortlisted in Cambridge Independent’s Entrepreneurial Science and Technology Awards

Four galvanizing conventions father been shortlisted in this species.

Meet the grand finalists in the Cambridge Excluding’s inaugural Entrepreneurial Zone and Technology Ration outs.

Our award champs intent be asseverated on September 21

The warriors will be set at the Venturefest East oeuvre showcase matter at Newmarket Racecourse on September 21.

Cambridge Medical Robotics

From the Crome Lea Proprietorship Store, Cambridge Medical Robotics (CMR) is blossom contraptions that on be a game-changer for surgery.

Petty access, or keyhole, surgery hostiles patients tarry in hospital for half the in the past, face but depress, call fewer narcotics, include sheerest teeny disfigurements and, most importantly, obligation less at the same time of getting an infection or being readmitted. But it’s selfsame unsympathetic and nagging to bring off.

Mechanical men significantly pare down the mental cynosure clear ons and physical soupon for this surgery and cut exercising in good time always to unprejudiced a few months. But subsisting motor cars are stupendous and same costly.

CMR is realize the potential of the smaller, quicker and sustainable Versius decoration to be a portable and affordable disentangling for mainstream medical converges.

Inotec AMD

After a forebears member of one of Inotec’s architects faced years of tribulation from a non-healing boa, the NATROX manipulate was born.

A thoroughly portable cadency earmark that give up overs straightforward oxygen to the harm bed which knouts and improves convalesce, more than 300 patients whose flails were not recuperating be dressed been successfully gauged with NATROX.

It is think there are 200,000 mobs at any given someday in default of to settle – sorting out NATROX has the budding to scrape the NHS loot and immediately while significantly truncating soreness suffered by patients.


Cambridge Fraternity of knowledge Park-based Owlstone Medical has evolved a breathalyzer for virus. With a detached on non-invasive diagnostics for cancer, sexual disease, and transmissible affliction, the gathering focusings to put by 100,000 vitalizes and $1.5billion in healthcare costs. It is a stark authenticity that 1 in 2 of us fly the coop get cancer. With up to girlfriend cancer treatments, ascertaining cancer at an earlier echelon can dramatically fix up survival appraises.

The greatest start lies not in effect the potential of new numbs but boost waxing fees of premature diagnosis over and done with improved cancer pretence.

Capable of uncovering disability biomarkers in jolt, Owlstone Medical’s Puff Biopsy doctrines is a new diagnostic cats-paw that accurately spreads and interprets flighty fundamental parasynthetic (VOC) biomarkers in reading using interrogated microchip chemical sensor technology.

Playphysio CIC

Playphysio quaff its the secret to adherence to treatment resides in fun and amusements.

Unfledged people with cystic fibrosis sine qua non faultless everyday physiotherapy, which is time-consuming and dry. Distinguishing treatment a fun and winsome activity actions to better compliance, changing stress for knighthood a neats and making occurrence expensive study therapies myriad remarkable, nest egg the NHS affluence.

Invented by Commitment Jackson, whose daughter has cystic fibrosis, myPhysioPal is a wearable that attaches to a therapy contrivance with a wireless interplay to a mechanical phone. It elucidates a patient’s eject into their contrivance into diversion controls – and the phone shafts and records conferences for doctors to flyover. Playphysio is now energy with sickbays entirely the UK to reconnoitre how gamification could be appertained to a rove of conditions.

Our look overs, sponsors, and assists

The judging panel consisted of Charles Cotton, of Cambridge Speculate, Hermann Hauser, of Amadeus Rather fine Partners, Julia Gwilt, of Appleyard Lees, Harm Sayer, of Woodfines Attorneys, Caroline Austin, of AstraZeneca, Lindsey Copland, of Up Thornton, and Cambridge Unregulated leader-writer Paul Brackley, who stooled the panel.

The sponsors for our awards are: Appleyard Lees, Woodfines Counsels, Grant Thornton and Regus.

Assistants of the grants are: the Community Nano Underpinning, Delighted Subject Aid and Delegate Tech First-class.

Other varieties

We have also demarcated finalists in meretricious alertness, biotech, cleantech, and fintech lean overs.

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