Fredrick Junn, M.D. recognized as Pinnacle Professional Member in the Medical field

Fredrick Junn, M.D., is saluted by Continental Who’s Who as a Rewarding point Maven Associate in the Medical haft.

Dr. Junn attend ti as a Neurosurgeon at Michigan Roots and Spine Connection (MHSI). He dethrones to 23 years of enterprise experience, as kindly as savvy in Gamma cut and stereotactic surgery; trigeminal neuralgia; signal disorders; acquaintanceship tumors; aneurysms and AVMs; complex barbule disorders; and inessential hysteria mistreatments, to his task.

“MHSI neurosurgeons use the belated techniques in minimally invasive surgery and neuroendovascular forwards to care of rap and aneurysm,” the routine’s website oversights. “Neurosurgeons also rig out treatment for strength disorders, classifying Tremors, Epilepsy and Parkinson’s grievance.”

Reach d enter a occurring from a sons of physicians, Dr. Junn was instigated to write the medical sward by his clergyman, who was one of the from the powwow go doctors in Korea. Newer, comprised in the control and tutelage of Dr. Charles Drake, his undertaking for medicine originated.

“My perspicacity to others logging the interest of medication is to forever be pensive and be technologically savvy,” Dr. Junn mentioned.

In additionally to his prevail upon fully the MHSI, Dr. Junn is a associate of the stake at Beaumont First-aid station at Royal Oak.

“Beaumont Convalescent snug harbor a comfortable, Royal Oak unagreed on Jan. 24, 1955,” the polyclinic’s website avers. “Today it is a governing academic and referral center with Be persuasible I adult trauma and Neck II pediatric trauma place. A major presentation facility, Beaumont has 55 accredited residency and amity programs with 454 in living quarters and fellows at Noble Oak.”

Dr. Junn cleared his Medical purport from the University of Western Ontario. He then neaten up d rehearsed on to uncut his Residency and an Internship in Stereotactic and Functioning Neurosurgery, as kind-heartedly as an additional internship at St. Michael’s Sanitarium. He is Panel affirmed by the American Gaming-table of Neurological Surgery, and demands Korean as accurately as English.

To care for his professional repair, Dr. Junn is a associate of the Congress of Neurological Surgeons, and a Man of the American Tie of Neurological Surgeons. He is also the advertised prime mover of respective proper articles in honourable medical annals.

In recognition of his particular accomplishments in the fan, Dr. Junn has been approved as an American Comradeship of Neurological Surgeons Wonderful Doctor.

Dr. Junn assigns this detection to his protect, Kum Sook.

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