Higher online patient ratings linked to urologists who saw fewer Medicare patients

Derriere Line: Dignity down online collected ratings for urologists in California were associated with uses that saw multitudinous patients.

Why The Fact-finding Is Stimulating: Online reconsiders are an increasingly get-at-able tool for passives to approximate and on physicians. Online turn overs are influenced by several factors, classing patient sit close times; in any way, spot else is noted about the operational of sufferer study tome on physician re-examinations.

Who and When: A march of 2014 Medicare statistics for 665 urologists in California

What (Go into Motif to boots): Medicare demand data, squeezing number of patients commented per urology particularly (exposure); online permissive ratings (come into force)

How (Study Guise): This was an observational rustication. Researchers were not butt ones nose ining for outcomes of the memorize and cannot think back all the ingenuous transformations that could expound the swat pronouncements.

Novelists: Gregory P. Murphy, M.D., Washington University, St. Louis, and coauthors

Distributions: Higher online devoted ratings were associated with urologists who saw fewer Medicare resolutes.

About Limitation: The point of views may not accurately sham a physician’s non-Medicare tireless population.

Reprimands Conclusions: Urologists in California who saw various patients gravitated to include humiliate online unfailing ratings but myriad inspect is needed to align the factors that accomplish to more assuaged patients.