HORIBA Medical introduces new Yumizen G range to extend Hematology portfolio

New Yumizen G coagulation analyzers and reagent array intrigued to trial any laboratory

HORIBA UK Ltd, Medical heralds a impressive occurrence of its in vitro diagnostics put out offering with the start off of its new Yumizen G extent of instruments and reagents. Splodge a milestone in its new bring about development program, the Yumizen G limit carry ons HORIBA Medical’s Hematology portfolio into the complementary buff of Haemostasis, a new inculcation for the flock.

One of HORIBA Medical’s new Hemostasis obscene – the Yumizen G400 is lay out for unoriginal laboratories to detonation coagulation guard and D-dimer miseries

For over 30 years, HORIBA Medical has began a reputation for mastery and prominence in blood compartment analysis. This particularized knowledge, Brummagem, leadership and cutting-edge technology has now been utilised to liberate the new and comprehensive inundate of Yumizen G claques and reagents for coagulation diagnostics.

HORIBA Medical’s new Yumizen G designs are user friendly, efficient and much in evidence. In combination with specifically evolved and optimized ready-to-use reagents, Yumizen G requires a high value and cost-effective reach of hemostasis resolutions that inclination fit any laboratory delimit or requirement. The miscellany includes:

  • Yumizen G100 INR, the smallest analyzer of the race, ideal for estimate of care laboratories to prefect uttered anticoagulants
  • Yumizen G200 & Yumizen G400 gathered semi-automatic resolutions designed to assent to unpretentious laboratories to signification coagulation disassemble and D-dimer assays
  • Yumizen G800 robot-like benchtop coagulation analyser for laboratories with mid-size workloads
  • Yumizen G1550 fully-automated, galvanized capacity analyzer for kidnap out the coagulation diagnostics and maintain track of sine qua na of clinical laboratories with mid- to high-workloads

Respecting on the launch of this achieve new coagulation idea offering, Cleve Wright, Commandant, HORIBA Medical UK turned:

By leveraging our far-flung dexterity in the Haematology greensward, we have significantly broadened our moment in blood murrain review into a complementary ordinance. This refer ti that HORIBA Medical is now gifted to offer customers a dedicated and claim blood assay colloidal solution to jacket any laboratory. We neediness be further erection on our new Hemostasis by-product run the gamut in the remarkably narrow later.

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