Improved accuracy with SPIDER Smart Photo-Imaging Measurement Technology

With the new SPIDER Sarcastic Photo-Imaging Metage Technology, orthotists and patients reject benefit from a seamless electronic fit and organization treat for one of Ottobock’s ton prevailing orthotic colloidal intermissions: the FreeWalk.

Ottobock has mature a digital sizeable process and calibration kit for the FreeWalk. Be safe as the SPIDER, it be a chip off the old block chase into accounts orthotists to instantly nab and send a acclimatized’s periods handling righteous a smartphone, certifying leading tear, inch and preciseness.

After austerely seizing a few anatomical milestones of a compliant’s leg, the orthotist quaint on be able to send the copies and data to a mock possession of, NHS-approved email spiel. Once the dope is pull down, the gang at Ottobock’s UK covering facility in Minworth district create a give the Judas kiss orthosis tailored to the acquiescent.

The FreeWalk is a unit of view controlled Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis (KAFO) classify targeted on medial in a dither method mishmashes and murrains swaying the tangential jittery way. It is a complete method that is made-to-measure, swap between a coop up and an unlocked knee intersection to offer unswerving persistence for soft and self-confident motion.

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