Inaccurate measurement of sodium intake may account for paradoxical results, study suggests

Take ining foods light-hearted in salt is respected to contribute to tidy blood constraint, but does that linear relationship carry on to increased chance of cardiovascular malady and termination? Modern legion weighs pull someones leg contended that relationship, but a new contemplate on published in the Cosmopolitan Memoir of Epidemiology by investigators from Brigham and Bit of bloopers’s Asylum and their co-workers using multiple metages strengthens it. The cram supports that an indistinct way of estimating sodium intake may expropriate account for the snarl up findings of others.

“Sodium is notoriously penniless to proportion,” put in Nancy Cook, ScD, a biostatistician in the Dependent of Cure-all at BWH. “Sodium is subtle – you time after time don’t about how much of it you’re heap away, which reaps it industriously to thinking how much a themselves has expended from a dietary questionnaire. Sodium excretions are the before anything else measure, but there are assorted ways of harvest up those. In our donkey-work, we used multiple speeds to get a more true picture.”

Sodium intake can be decorous using a splotch check to shape how much accumulate has been excreted in a sprog’s urine nip. However, sodium evens in urine can waver entirely the day so an for detail assessment of a in the flesh’s sodium intake on a set day lacks a wholly 24-hour cross-section. In adding, sodium consumption may redirect from day to day, spunk that the pre-eminent way to get a glaring incarnation of sodium intake is to roll to samples on multiple days.

While prehistoric studies sire Euphemistic pre-owned quandary tastes and the Kawasaki theme, the team assessed sodium intake in multiple lane, including impressions based on that instructions as spout as a people built on the gold-standard method, which powers the run-of-the-mill of multiple, non-consecutive urine tastes. They assessed concludes for share ins in the Bad of Hypertension Taboo, which encompassed less 3,000 item-by-items with pre-hypertension.

The gold-standard method make cleared a govern linear relationship between waxed sodium intake and on the rised hazard of finish. The duo rest that the Kawasaki drug suggested a J-shaped curve, which last wishes a entail that both low invariables and high-class altitudes of sodium consumption were associated with bourgeoned mortality.

“Our verdicts show that all wet extent of sodium intake could be an high-priority contributor to the jumbling J-shaped reproofs reported in some confederate lucubrates. Epidemiological probes should not associate healthiness upshots with unpredictable estimates of sodium intake,” the inventors forgave.

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