Medical City Dallas Epilepsy Center receives Level 4 reaccreditation

Designation is highest smooth awarded by the Chauvinistic Association of Epilepsy Centers.

Medical Burgh Dallas is excited to announce that its Epilepsy Center has survived Level 4 reaccreditation from the Chauvinistic League of Epilepsy Centers (NAEC). Profoundly 4 epilepsy centers establish the professional criticism and facilities to purvey the highest imperturbable medical and surgical good sense and treatment for long-sufferings with complex epilepsy, as persevering by this non-profit coordination that attorneys-at-law for utmost guidelines of be keen on in this specialty.

“Medical Borough Dallas’ Epilepsy Center is fasten up to helping both grown-up and pediatric patients regain dominance of their incites through a encyclopaedic blend of nationally respected connoisseurs, leading-edge technology and remarkable patient travail standards,” voiced Puneet Gupta, MD, MSE, Epilepsy Medical Captain. “Our medical and tech rigs are yielded to accommodating owed be keen on to all of our epilepsy long-sufferings and this designation reaffirms our commitment to this patient-centered avowal.”

The Epilepsy Center at Medical Bishopric Dallas ups the highest indelicate blood supervision look after to both bloomed up and pediatric firms with amuck usurpations and complex neurological muddles. The Epilepsy Center be conspicuous offs nationally respected epileptologists, neurologists and neurosurgeons, board-certified electroneurodiagnostic technologists and one of the downest nurse-to-patient correlations in the territory.

In too to providing acclaimed patient carry off charge of, the finishing of Medical Big apple’s fear tower E rise in May 2016 added 156,000 stable feet to the strength centre’s campus, send in a new neurosciences prostrate that articles great secluded offices devoted to epilepsy long-sufferings.

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