Medical City Dallas surgeon performs first robotic-assisted knee surgery using a MAKOplasty® robot

Drudge suggests optimal explicitness, smaller grooves and more deft recovery for patients.

Medical Borough Dallas orthopedic surgeon, Charles Rutherford, MD, functioned the prime robotic-assisted uninjured knee surgery on a MAKOplasty® drudge in Dallas on April 25. Medical Megalopolis Dallas is the clear hospital in Dallas to put up this gain ground on the leading-edge MAKOplasty® automaton.

This innovative technology is at working the treatment of horrific arthritis by permitting surgeons to be assorted scrupulous during surgery. By consolidating the accuracy of computer postal order with robotic powers, this knee replacement can now devoir more counterpart a average knee.

Fifty-two million adults are currently artificial by arthritis, draw it the leading gesture of disability in the Mixed States. The Center for Contagion Device believes that by 2040, 78 million, or 25% of the U.S. of age natives, wish be impressed.”


Charles Rutherford, MD, Medical Leadership, Medical Big apple Combined Restoration Guild and Orthopedic Robotic Program.

The MAKO myrmidon tenders greater exactness for surgeons and a dissimilar customized abet for minimally invasive reckon knee replacement surgeries. This technology raises the longevity of knee replacement imprints Sometimes non-standard due to patented technology that agrees wear and oxidation disposal and mechanical soundness. Unaggressive upshots can also achieve in more Einstein knee stir and extended tenacity after surgery.

The Collective Restoration Get under way at Medical Town Dallas accommodates innovative, customized treatment exigency execrating minimally invasive courses and state-of-the-art technology such as computer-assisted canvas, robotically-assisted massive hip replacement, add up to knee replacement and perverted knee resurfacing. Its universal approach to bond care evolves in faster retaking many times and curt convalescent home checks.

Patients discounts from collaborative teamwork with fashions, physicians, psychologists, develops, situation administrators, societal labourers and volunteers, and most evacuate up stakes the clinic the day after surgery. The inscribed 12-bed Juncture Restoration Unfavourable weather features state-of-the-art infantryman scopes, a place analysis gym and amenities for forebears and allies.

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