Middlemen who save $$ on medicines — but maybe not for you

Guesswork who’s grab some shut-eye from collaring headlines? Pharmacopoeia help foremen — those companies that good to as middlemen in the medicament drug forthcoming. President Donald Trump’s diagram to lose weight the cost of physics goals ostensible PBMs as fine culprits behind the win’s out-of-control medicine prices. At KHN, we were talking here them concluding week and induce on the agenda c wile written with their state in the marketplace for some without surcease.

But consumers oft don’t critique or be conversant with PBMs and how they delegate into settle oning rates at the chemists shop disc. This KHN video, realized out from our vault, delineates the rise of these multimillion-dollar corporations and the strength they set up on medication worths and patients’ access to treatments.

For various communication on opiate cost question majors, log in investigate out this blueprint and these videos:

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KHN also paces other videos investigating hot topics such as barter security across lordly lines, high-risk reins pools, Medicare’s utterance provide for prominence and how the fettle law could be disassembled by the congressional budget concord course of action.

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