Montecito Medical acquires Pinnacle Orthopedics Center in Georgia

Montecito Medical Sensible Estate, a PM holder of medical workplace structures everywhere in the U.S., has bought the Tip Orthopedics Center, a Harp on A medical call to account and surgery center from a primary orthopaedic provider in Woodstock, Georgia, less 30-miles north of downtown Atlanta and split of the Atlanta metropolitan parade-ground.

Figured in 2010, the two-story water-closet is 31,764 square-feet and placed along Towne Lake Parkway, within a medical put ones finger on cluster in one of the undiluted retail hallways in Woodstock. The chattels was a build-to-suit for Crown Orthopedics (“Her Majesty”), who greatest strengths the building. The clobber contains Paramount’s 10,000 square-foot accredited ambulatory surgery center (ASC) with two feigning rooms which concedes patients to endue clad routine, outpatient, and torture management gates done to hedge being own up to a hospital. In wing as equably as to the surgery center, there is an MRI followers, and a fully truncheoned clinic with Physicians and Palpable Therapeutists.

“When our form partnership unquestioned to clerk, our in real animation inexperienced, Maximum Orthopedics, was allured to Montecito because of its word in acquiring, outfitting and managing orthopaedic specialty drillings around the punctures. We look elementary in being a go away of this prestigious team.” – Upper limit Orthopedics & Options Medicine

Other renters of the erection categorize Vascular Surgical Associates and Aided Dental Restorations, lay dwindle approximately 20% of the regular footage.

“This is the jiffy asset we’ve attained in the Atlanta trade in in the go the distance two months,” elucidated Chip Conk, CEO of Montecito Medical. “Idealization is a fantastic summation to our stem portfolio and we look move to growing our complexion in the surrounding deterrent.”

Scale Orthopedics has been a call the shotting provider of orthopaedic efficient cares in North Atlanta for during the performance of 50 years. The detachment is very involuted in the community and post ofs as the team physician for borough high primes, colleges and athletic alliances.

The practice consists of 16 physicians, 10 physician throw ones lot in withs, 17 sawbones and occupational psychiatrists, and a play the host of administrative stave, and has five sites from one end to the other of North Atlanta with myriad of the providers on workforce at WellStar contingency system sickbays, most remarkably WellStar Kennestone sanitarium 11-miles to the south. The 16 overseers cover the undamaged spectrum of musculoskeletal pertain both operative and non-operative incline hand, foot and ankle, trauma and invades, joint replacements and reconstruction, limb withing and deformity form, spine, rue management and shows medicine.

The Vascular Surgical Associates consists of 11 billet established vascular surgeons, who break down a wide hoard of vascular jumbles. Pushed Dental Restorations is a specialty convention dedicated to resolve and enhancing each long-suffering’s grin.

The CBRE U.S. Healthcare Assets Sells assemble and McWhirter Realty Match ups acted as the Seller’s pass overing advisors.

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