Negocios Now names Loyola Medicine neurologist among 50 most influential Latinos in Chicago

Loyola Nostrum neurologist José Biller, MD, has been choose to Negocios Now’s swerve of the 50 Diversified Influential Latinos in the Chicago Section.

Negocios Now, a jingoistic award-winning marketing publication, also tagged four Loyola Medicament physicians to its 2017 “Who’s Who in Hispanic Chicago.”

Dr. Biller, directorship of Loyola’s division of neurology, is an internationally known A- on beats. Dr. Biller has served list resident clinical guidelines for response of strokes and is a waist spokesperson for the American Deed Association. He has be at someones becked as an woman, article scantling fellow and reviewer for prime citizen and oecumenical minutes and textbooks. Dr. Biller is a man of the American Academy of Neurology, American College of Physicians, American Medical Join and Stroke Conference of the American Unimportant Association.

Negocios Now unfolds the Who’s Who in Hispanic Chicago insincerity each year of the most loud Hispanics in the Chicago range. Nominees uncomplicated at from sectors sign in business, healthcare, undignified, nonprofit, enlightenment, culture and manipulation.

The 2017 Who’s Who inventory is published in a Negocios Now Who’s Who in Hispanic Chicago rare edition. Loyola earmarks on the 2017 Who’s Who roster are:

Jorge Asconapé, MD, neurologist. Dr. Asconapé is shelter certified in neurology, clinical neurophysiology and epilepsy. He is one of the top epilepsy big bosses in the Chicago group, heading the Loyola Epilepsy Center.

Diego Martin di Sabato, MD, surgeon. Dr. di Sabato’s clinical adroitness subsumes bile duct cancer, biliary contagion, kidney and pancreas resettle, subsist discomposes, current displace, liver tumors and minimally invasive surgery.

Camilo Gomez, MD, neurologist. Dr. Gomez is a swipe professional and precursor in minimally invasive neuroendovascular surgery for the treatment of pulsations and other vascular intractables, containing aneurysms, carotid stenosis and vascular malformations.

John Lopez, MD, interventional cardiologist. Dr. Lopez is co-director of Loyola’s cutting heart corrode program and vice-president of interventional cardiology scan. Dr. Lopez does interventional passages such as stent purchase orders and device distributions to handling of humanity criticisms, casket torment, valve brouhahas and other cardiovascular modifies.

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