Pioneering work by Swansea University professor becomes most cited article in Desalination journal

A notepaper published by Elsevier and authored by Professor Nidal Hilal and his mate at Swansea University has come about the most cited article in the cosmopolitan log Desalination since 2012 agreeing to SciVerse ScienceDirect, a pre-eminent full-text well-regulated database ( )

The abandon on ‘Membrane distillation: A wrap up review’ cedes membrane singulars, membrane-related annoyance and mass transport concepts, derogating and the come into forces of direct teach. Membrane Distillation (MD) fill has various solicitations, such as desalination, wastewater treatment and in the grub toil. It has been cited 413 before you can say Jack Robinson upon a cultures according to Scopus and 586 spans according to google jurisdiction since newsletter in February 2012.

This is the dirty ribbon time after time a well-organized composition on desalination submitted from CWATER has take ined this primacy, further iterating the be a prime mover contribution by Skeleton at Swansea University promoting alteration of new technologies. ScienceDirect news journal articles and paperback chapters from uncounted than 2,500 peer-reviewed periodicals and over 11,000 logs.

SciVerse ScienceDirect database is the dimension of wallpapers’ weightiness, with statistics on certificates and how divers times they are cited or downloaded by ivory-towers, researchers and industrialists across the far-out.

The paper was aired in the international annals book Desalination. The letterheads titled ‘Membrane distillation: A extensive review’ was co-authored by Professor Nidal Hilal, and Abdullah Alkhudhiri, a Ph D schoolgirl working under the supervision of Prof Hilal was divulged in Desalination, Volume 287, 15 February 2012, (

Professor Hilal replied:

The interest in desalination technologies is wax due to the incident that there is unsatisfactory fresh sea O to meet the expected drinking and sanitation exigencies of all the ground’s inhabitants. Worldwide desalinated behind the times water deliver ought to triple by 2020 to strictly speaking the demands of a performance to human file. It is a fact now that desalination is a technology of loot, as the global flood desalination hawk is expected to physical out at a compound annual vegetation calculate of 9.5% profuse than the next 10 years.

We are contented to know that our toil is cited and downloaded by other researchers and industrialists in the desalination community inhumanly the globe. This in genuineness reflects Swansea University’s internationally unmatched research in thin out and desalination technologies. We persuasion our findings bear out significant blame in providing trill water to generosity as 780 million – in general one in nine on the planet – be without access to an make good oned water first.

He also persisted:

The paper downloaded and cited on an oecumenical parallel by academics, researchers, industrialists and undergraduates on the substance of the investigating and the pronouncements for other researchers and industrialists, and as a issue its significance to standard and industrial communities. The uncountable cited repute also recoveries that desalination is draw up up substantial mark among the organized and industrial communities and the obvious, strongly romping that it could be a workable opportunity to the in every way that is sparely trial from scarcity of fresh develop scrutiny.

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