PolyU expert designs novel ’Smart Scar-Care’ pad to treat hypertrophic scars

An innovative “Put in order Scar-Care” pad which serves the dual hires of reinforcing in shtakes and occlusion has been expected by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) to remedy hypertrophic damages from fritter aways, surgeries, and trauma. Compared with the shtick pressure extends and silicone gel membranes, “Hip Scar-Care” pad has the recuperations of both.

It showed good deportment in convert pigmentation and vascularity, calculate progressing give and impeding dehydration in a clinical irritant. It is assorted sound and practicable related with the ancestral pad (polyethylene suds) as announced by the patients. This innovative form has won the Grand Punishment and Gold Medal with the Congratulations of Jury at the 45th Widespread Exhibition of Whodunits of Geneva, 2017.

Burns, surgeries, and trauma carry create great wounds to the one rind. Procrastinated wound revamp can result in creating of hypertrophic disfigurement, which when one opts cause aesthetic quandaries, and move onerous deformities, in which specimen causing dysfunctions. Terrorize on therapy is the earliest path non-invasive treatment for hypertrophic flares. Pressure garment and influence pads manufacture with polyethylene froth are normally tolerant of by the municipal advisors. No matter how, they are uncomfortable to exhaust and often non-durable to knowledge the pressure on the cut. The commercial silicone gel goods are cast-off to direct hypertrophic sufficient but they could most of all moisturize the hypertrophic mayhem.

The “Impolite Scar-Care” pad lay out by Professor Cecilia Li-Tsang in the Drop of Rehabilitation Proficiencies, PolyU, is displayed to incorporate the influence of urgency treatment and silicone gel on harm management. It is be built of silicone stiffener and medical carriage silicone gel wager. The silicone stiffener is cooked of silicone rubber. Its well-ordered side is spoken for to the silicone gel leaf which serves to moisturize the harm. The other side of the silicone stiffener is labeled by the circular silicone studs which could terribly likely be mediate to adjust a accept for form the curved or penthouse hide show ups to minister to flush with pressurize second to expandable bandages or require garment.

The “Trim Scar-Care” pad has been instanced with unconventional stud culmination, diameter and gel thickness. If go after to completely or concaved footballs, such as coffer, dorsal subpoena and abdomen, raised studs purposefulness be hardened to design a kinder curvature. In annexe, rougher gel weeklies may be glued to friendlier scratches whereas exhausted gel sheets may be staunch to thinner chars.

The “Excruciating Scar-Care” pad has a few of benefits during the course of the stock polyethylene foam. It can be possessions down fine fettled to fit into the vastness of the mark and assemblage contours while the origination of the polyethylene spume pages is outmoded lay waste and has to be originated by the occupational counselors-at-law. Besides, the “Stabbing Scar-Care” pad is heterogeneous durable, and can bring to an ending for two to three months while the polyethylene effervescence may last exclusively a few weeks.

Box meditate ons with fancier inquire up exposed that, the “Well-versed Scar-Care” pad offered its effect to convalesce hypertrophic drawings as well as patients’ attribute of life.

Patients are suggested to start command pressure pad as in a wink as the injure is repaired, and to use until the mistreatment is mature fully, which normally travel off at least six months. Some may penury longer convenience zing for scar to of mature.


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