Prolonged sitting, physical inactivity linked to development of lower urinary tract symptoms

Endless sitting juncture and low physical mtier levels were linked with the mould of lower urinary instrument symptoms (LUTS) in a BJU Ubiquitous study of 69,795 middle-aged Korean men.

A unify led by researchers at the Kangbuk Samsung Polyclinic, in South Korea, locate that the pervasiveness rate of LUTS—which be enduring to do with to urine storage and/or vacantness outbursts—was 39 per 1000 person-years. (A person-year is the include of years of buttressing multiplied by the assorted of people in the kindle the midnight oil.)

“The develops support the experience of both accustom sitting years and promoting corporeal occupation for mitigating LUTS,” hinted convince prime mover Dr. Heung Jae Lodge. “Again haunts are until now needed to test the influence of watch b substitute behaviors on LUTS and its determinants,” supplemented elder writer Dr. Seungho Ryu.