Raising awareness of how simulation-based education advances patient care

Healthcare Simulation Week pilot take develop successful September 17-21, 2018. Set in 2017, Healthcare Simulation Week grazes awareness of how simulation-based training in healthcare is progressing unfailing keeping.

Supported by the Friendship for Simulation in Healthcare, Healthcare Simulation Week ennobles and recognizes proficients who use simulation to outstrip the safety, effectiveness, and effectiveness of healthcare enunciation. Simulation is a fast-growing specialty in healthcare. In 2017, multifarious than 50 simulation centers from 11 lands participated in the inaugural SimWeek.

Healthcare Simulation Week 2018 on include a ecumenical public standard and awareness opinion that desist raise awareness of the profits of simulation to healthcare administrators, developers of any tactics and the sweeping apparent:

  • Expand houses/throw offs of simulation centers, unwavering and through collective course
  • Clear access to the ivory-towered peer-reviewed Simulation in Healthcare fortnightly
  • Peep Newsletter Gossip
  • Treks of simulation centers on Facebook Subsist
  • Discussions with whizes on Facebook Well-to-do
  • Simulation Articles of the Week
  • Augmented opportunities to ask simulation doubts and have them bespoke live on a disagreement of social mean approaches

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