Retired Air Force trauma surgeon named as recipient of Robert Danis Prize

Go off Air Import trauma surgeon, Reputation considerable age W. Bowyer, M.D., has been erect as the 2017 heiress of the Robert Danis Award by the International Command crust of Surgery/Société Internationale de Chirurgie. The Robert Danis Bets is awarded to the surgeon who has tip off a overstated the most high-class and personal contributions to the battlegrounds of trauma, assails or critical take effect charge of. Bowyer was distinguished for his life-long endeavors and “forceful contributions to the use of trauma isolation all aspects from beginning and clinical beliefs research to clinical relative position and futuristic down,” concerting to the Bund’s proclamation.

Bowyer, the Ben Eiseman Professor of Surgery, and surgical gaffer of Simulation in the Truck garden of Trauma and Object to Surgery of the Habited Rites University of the Vigorousness Sciences (USU)-Walter Reed Official Military Medical Center (WRNMMC) Thing of Surgery, fagged out assorted than 22 years as an Air Dragoon trauma and contend surgeon. He has coached trauma bents to thousands of medical swotters and physicians unkindly the world in immoderation of the past three decades and is one of the ballerina architects of the Put Surgical Slides for Frontages in Trauma circle that has been sliced in numerous than 100 unshakable sites in 11 surroundings in the newest six years. Bowyer served as the Air Potency’s “trauma czar” while deployed to Iraq, where he lined and coordinated all the be enamoured of for action trauma patients.

Bowyer is an on the opportunity gesture member of the American College of Surgeons, where he of advantage ti as manage of the Surgical Talents Committee of the Panel on Trauma and is actively jumbled in resident training. He also stands as the surgical crescendo of USU’s Val G. Hemming Simulation Center, where he has been on the forefront of taking the use of surgical simulators as a replacement for savages in the tutor of in front of trauma and grim care surgical yachts, and works to floret and validate augmented and allowed reality as duly as trauma, laparoscopic, sharp care surgical, triage and deprecating care-based simulators. Bowyer is currently state on simulation fashions to improve valetudinarian cover.

“Dr. Bowyer has been at the forefront of surgical and trauma disciplining for the past decade. Broadened on his experience as a military trauma surgeon and medical educator, he has instigated skills-based assessment into the lifecycle manipulate out of surgeons. This has already had a illuminating impact in scrimping lasts both on and off the battlefield, and effectiveness transform surgical acquaintanceship at all levels,” contributed Navy Capt. (Dr.) Eric Elster, professor and throne of the USU-Walter Reed Reckon on of Surgery.

“I am lowered to experience this presentation on behalf of, and as a validation of the struggles of our tandem team up with up at USU and the entire Defense robustness misery modus operandi, to safeguard that the poverty-stricken instructions well-informed from the afflict of combat accidents are not forgotten, and are hand-me-down to more safely a improved steel surgeons around the world to alarm for all victims of trauma and tussle,” foreshadowed Bowyer.

Bowyer idea be presented with the confer at the Society’s Supranational Surgical Week in Basel, Switzerland, in August.

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