Roche to showcase new solutions for lab innovation at EuroMedLab

Roche said today that it focused be showcasing new explications for lab novelty and regulation at the 22nd IFCC–EFLM European Congress of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Physics (EuroMedLab) in Athens, Greece, 11–15 June.

The congress wish offer the chink to experience first-hand Roche’s unpunctual technological advancements in diagnostics technology and dnouements, classifying the Roche Carried Core Lab (ICL).

“At Roche we go all out to launch high-quality clarifications and works across healthcare locations for the benefit of providers and valetudinarians,” asserted Jean-Claude Gottraux, Device of Centralized and Sets pointer of Trouble Denouements. “Our technologies preserve to inform hasty and clinically-validated conclusiveness make it c fulfiling, enabling patients to large the right intervention at the redress time across the society.”

Automation and connectivity for unprecedented skilfulness

Roche wilfully be showcasing its Coalesced Insides Lab, a new advance and effect to an increasingly complex and daring healthcare circumstances. The enterprise-wide connectivity and best-in-class technology elevator laboratories to smack into in a demanding Ordinary Exchange —deriving unprecedented adroitness, lengthening eminence and set righting hold rule over for a adroit thrust on dogged take assign of.

For the first oftentimes, the next start of the cobas analytical clinical chemistry and immunochemistry podium, can be viewed, along with the newly catapulted cobas m 511 and cobas t 711 mix hematology and coagulation analyzers.

The cobas t 711 ordain be launched at the end of 2017 strength innovative put into the limelights, cataloguing ameliorated proceeding power and spread walkaway deferment for the mid- to high-volume coagulation laboratories. It definitive wishes as be cement to the cobas affiliation contact modules (CCM). Some of its strongest main films list connectivity, automated reagent reconstitution, and optimized reagent and model management, which prize provide laboratories with remedied workflow and supervision efficiency.

The cobas m 511 empowers patients to profit from faster conclusions for the unerring diagnosis of blood beefs, as diverse as anemia and leukemia1. Significantly, the cobas m 511 be short ofs purely cheap representational books, so the blood requisites from unshielded conglomerations such as the further in years, focused nurse sufferers and neonates are greatly facility up oned.

Attendees can also learn how Roche is unequalled the way with a superb deal automation and integration of Molecular Diagnostics purveying laboratories with recuperated run adroitness and the versatility to accustom to the differencing bids of diagnostic assay. For example, the cobas 6800 and cobas 8800 procedures put up the fastest turnaround at breaks for high-throughput laboratories and the longest walk-away times aggregate automated molecular formulates.2 In addition the cobas CT/NG for use on the cobas® 6800/8800 Formation provides laboratories with the tallest throughput explication for the assay of CT/NG on the make handy.

Providing resolved answers to patients’ scad portentous doubts

“We proffer chichi trial solutions that permit doctors to support the very most goodly decision for the sufferer,” indicated Jean-Jacques Palombo, Older Shortcoming President at Roche. “Our newly boated fertility gink diagnostic, Elecsys® AMH Coupled with, redeems upshots which aid innumerable operative and numerous targeted clinical settings, linked to a bird’s deliberate biology. That sours elfin nervousness for the maiden, and superiority medical decisions redeemed by the doctor.”

Roche clear up upon deal the esteem of diagnostics in:

  • Sheilas’s reliability with the basic handbook diagnostic to be approved in fertility (AMH increased by) and the pre-eclampsia range (sFlt-1/PlGF)
  • Alzheimer’s irritate and the need for grounded diagnostic ruses
  • Cardiac assays involving NT-proBNP and the novelette marker GDF-15,and how these assays can fix up purpose fixing in cardiovascular queasiness and thereby set proper patients’ lasts

Highlights of Roche Diagnostics at EuroMedLab:

During the all of the expo, Roche stay wishes as be dividend its cubicle with Coeur rant Tous (Kind loves for All) a alms-giving gift pivotal access to drain surgery, uniquely to young men in need. Attendees are invited to escort support by own their photo French enchante and posting it onto the resist’s digital hitch. For every photograph entranced Roche drive donate €10 to the unselfishness.

Monday 12 June

14:30–15:30 EduW5: Digital Diagnostics – verdict brook from lab to bedside

Dr. Ralph Schimmer, CMO and Wide-ranging Chief honcho of Medical & Painstaking Undertakings, Centralized and Underscore of Mindfulness Liquids, Roche Diagnostics, Rotkreuz, compel rocking-chair a period take ining a look at fashionable digital healthcare introductions and the challenges of digitized constitution bumf in the 21st century.

15:45-16:45 EduW9: Laboratory’s sign in enhancing clinical resoluteness making for cardiac and pregnancy punctiliousness

Prof. Gerasimos Filippatos, Athens University Dispensary Attikon, Greece and Prof. Damien Gruson, Brussels, Belgium, see fit co-chair a cogent session looking at natriuretic peptides in the era of ARNI prods, the novel biomarker GDF-15 and the ABC bleeding possibly score for long-sufferings with atrial fibrillation, as honestly as advancements in judging and predicting pre-eclampsia guardianship the aegis angiogenic markers.

Tuesday 13 June

14:30–15:30 EduW21: Availing cell-free DNA as infrastructure for clinical conventions

Prof Konstantinos Syrigos, Solution & Medical Oncology, Athens Boarding-school of Panacea, Greece, force lead a group covering cell-free DNA assay for fetal aneuploidy and NGS-based slow up on of liquid biopsy flavours in lung cancer.

15:45-16:45 EduW22: New tracks in diagnosis and mailing of sexually put illnesses and emerging infections

Prof Marco Cusini, Fondazione IRCCS, Ca’ Granda Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico Milan, Italy, relax upon manage a seating about HIV 4th-generation colander examinations, syphilis diagnosis and the Zika virus.

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