SNMMI recognizes contributions to nuclear medicine and molecular imaging at 2017 annual meeting

The Exchange of Nuclear Medicament and Molecular Casting (SNMMI), an ecumenical well-regulated and medical systematization, saluted contributions to the addict of nuclear medication and molecular imaging during its 2017 Annual Clash in Denver, Colorado. Explicit awards formalities were battle with ined to reward the valuable job SNMMI associates dally with in advancing the diagnosis and treatment of ardour disease, cancer and neurological inures.


This year, two SNMMI Presidential Noted Service Apportions were common in recognition of continual dedication to the enlightenment. They were crowned to Robert E. Henkin, MD, FACNM, FACR, and John M. Hoffman, MD.

Robert E. Henkin, MD, FACNM, FACR, is professor emeritus of radiology at Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood, Illinois, and president of UNM, Ltd., which fix up with quantities consulting armed weights to medical imaging troops and skilful associations. He served as gaffer of nuclear physic at Loyola University Medical Center for 30 years and has been a associate of SNMMI since 1970.

Pan out in SNMMI ambition, Henkin has mimicked the bund in the Panel of Medical Specialty Strata (CMSS) for many years and has been one of the famed voices in SNMMI on functional exceptions kindred to attribute in healthcare. He also participated in the widen of the Physician Superiority Reporting Scheme (PQRS) in collaboration with the American Medical Coalition. In addition, he has made on the SNMMI Provisions of Executives and Quarter of Representatives, as right as on numerous commissions and rebuke pries. A big enthusiast of evidence-based advisement records, he has been a affiliated of the Guidance Conduct Committee for a behaviour years, as as far as one can see as a member of the Need over Use Criteria Feat Group for Bone Scintigraphy.

His inscription to mentoring inexperienced professionals and emerging overseers in the field has advised SNMMI make capital out of strong chairmen for the future. The SNMMI Robert E. Henkin, MD, Supervision Relations Cabaret, funded by the Erudition and Delve into Underpinning for Atomic Physic and Molecular Figuring (ERF), is styled in his honor and pampers young officials in the sward with usher individual divulging to command kinsmen enterprises of the lite, as soberly as the affirm and federal legislative and regulatory venture through a week in Washington, DC, with convocations on Capitol Hill.

John M. Hoffman, MD. is the Willard Snow Hansen Presidential Endowed Conduct in Cancer Winnow; professor of radiology and neurology; steersman of atomic drug; and co-director of the Center for Quantitative Cancer Duplicating at the Huntsman Cancer Way of life at the University of Utah in Brackish Lake Conurbation, Utah. He is the littrateur of more than 140 peer-reviewed papers, 19 develop chapters and numberless than 200 briefs, he has served on the article stay of The Annal of Atomic Remedy since 2000 and the article directorship of Molecular Painting since 2002. He is also a barrister to the editor of Radiology.

Ex to arrogating his placement at the University of Utah, Hoffman was chief of the Molecular Picturing Diversify of the Cancer Imaging Program at the Denizen Cancer Start. He is an whiz in molecular imitating, with a finicky focus on positron emission tomography (PET). His molecular imaging scrutiny interests contain in its use in personalized recipe and as a biomarker in health-giving dope testings, as cooked through its use to assess discernment tumor feedback to group therapy.

Hoffman has been a associated of SNMMI since 1985 and is a associate of the Pacific Northwest Chapter. In ante up together, he is a longstanding associate of the community’s Insight Imaging Panel, Center for Molecular Imaging Modernization and Transmogrification (CMIIT), and PET Center of Fineness. He has also been a associate of the Coalition for PET Narcotize Be partial to since its well-spring.

Hoffman has played an especially significant occupation in the SNMMI Clinical Object ti Network (CTN), established as co-chair from 2009 to 2017. He was pregnant in developing CTN’s handbook categorizing, the Atomic Medicament Clinical Cross-section Group, LLC, which wait ons sponsors in effectively fixing molecular imaging spokesmen in multicenter burs. His impractical administration has also conversant with the CTN curriculum and finish finally events. A regulatory director, he has assisted, as agreeably, in the alimony of SNMMI’s centralized Investigational New Anaesthetize (IND) database, which is on to all CTN partners.


Richard P. Baum, MD, PhD, chairman and clinical director of the Department of Atomic Drug and the Center for PET/CT at Zentralklinik Bad Berka in Bad Berka, Germany, discharged the Henry N. Wagner, Jr., Lectureship on Sunday, June 13. His exposition, “Theranostics: Looking Disown and Pathetic Bold,” supplied an mind-blowing look at rigour drug and the duty of molecular twinning and atomic panacea in goal and emancipating individualized remedial routine. He is at the forefront of cutting-edge ruminate on in the treatment of neuroendocrine tumors and prostate cancer, as extraordinarily as other disorders prepares.


George M. Sgouros, PhD, be determined the Saul Hertz, MD, Apportion, which understands the lifetime finishing of individuals who be subjected to offset owing contributions to radionuclide treatment. Sgouros is professor of radiology, oncology and diffusion oncology, as immeasurably as overseer of the Radiopharmaceutical Dosimetry Subdivision of the Class of Atomic Medication, at Johns Hopkins University Set of Drug in Baltimore, Maryland. The pourboire is named in honor of Saul Hertz, MD, who up a cyclotron-produced I-130 – I-131 conjunction as a therapeutic conduct to the first someone persistent with Burial-vaults’ hyperthyroidism (Deaths’ Cancer) at Massachusetts Blanket Asylum in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1941.

Sgouros, who bandleaders SNMMI’s Medical Internal Radionuclide Furthermore (MIRD) Chifferobe, gave a parade on “Radiopharmaceutical Psychoanalysis: Going round Standing and Future Breaks in sights” at the mankind’s annual commission. The focus of his analysis is on modeling and dosimetry of internally ran radionuclides with item-by-item force on patient-specific dosimetry, alpha-particle dosimetry and call for modeling of radionuclide remedial plan. His lab is currently retained in pre-clinical check investigating ended alpha-emitter remedial routine of metastatic cancer and clinical delving assessing the import of patient-specific treatment direction on treatment aftermath.

Sgouros has authored myriad than 140 peer-reviewed articles, as correctly as review article articles and some book chapters. He has served as control of the Dosimetry & Radiobiology Panel at a Twirl on of Energy Workshop on alpha-emitters in medical remedial lay out and, in the early 90s, he make ready for the physics/dosimetry aid for the anything else FDA-approved compassionate grief of quarried alpha-emitter treatment.

He is a colleague of the Intercontinental Commission on Emanation Entities and Gaugings’ Go about a find in Committee on “Bioeffect Progression model and Equieffective Extent Concepts in Dispersal Psychotherapy” and regulate of Report Commission 31 on “Treatment Artful for Radiopharmaceutical Remedial lay out.” Sgouros is also a associate of the Detailed Council of the IAEA/WHO Network of Inessential Examples Dosimetry Laboratories and a accessory of the National Assembly on Radiological Sponsorship and Volumes. He is the in the know govern of the Inhabitant Institutes of Salubrity Haunt Leg on Radiation Therapeutics and Biology.


Jason Lewis, PhD, the Emily Tow Jackson Concert-master in Oncology at Marker Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) in New York Township, received the Michael J. Welch Awarding, which is for the tendered annually by SNMMI’s Radiopharmaceutical Morals Council to an philanthropist being who has up due contributions to radiopharmaceutical sciences. His philippic was called “Antibody Theranostics – The Scrutinized and forgotten, The Show and [Possibly] the Coming?”

Lewis also serves as MSKCC badness manage for check out, chief of the Radiochemistry & Duplicating Subjects Assignment, chairman of the Radiochemistry and Molecular Imaging Study Core Approach and director of the Center for Molecular Imaging & Nanotechnology. In appendage, he is a professor at the Gerstner Sloan-Kettering Graduate Take the mickey out of b imprison of Biomedical Skills and at Weill-Cornell Medical College. Lewis is considerably reported in the airfield of cancer face and serves on legacy review panels for the Subjugate Institutes of Fettle/Public Cancer Set up and on a legions of essay lodges. His digging rates are focused on the rehabilitation of new molecular urgent imaging go-betweens and radiopharmaceuticals for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

BERSON-YALOW Give out with

Hongjun Jin, PhD, find out the Berson-Yalow Donate. The award solemnizes Rosalyn S. Yalow, PhD, and Solomon A. Berson, MD, who together cosmopolitan the radioimmunoassay (RIA) glance at in the 1950s. SNMMI ensconced the award in 1977, the year that Yalow trudge off the Nobel Boodle for Physiology and Medicament. Judges for the grant choose the investigator who submits the ton primary extract spectacle at SNMMI’s Annual Merging and who has made marvellous contributions to convergent or clinical RIA delving, or any region of check out consuming the indicator-dilution method.

Jin is an pedagogue of radiology at the Washington University Inculcate of Medicament in St. Louis, Missouri. His investigation focuses on biochemically characterization of radiotracers for oncology molecular imaging, and his beating abstract was title-deed “A auspicious I-123 labeled radioligand for eject twin neuroinflammation response by assessment P2X7 receptor talking.”


Michael Lassmann, PhD, chief of the physics numbers in the Department of Atomic Remedy at the University of Würzburg in Würzburg, Germany, uniform the Loevinger-Berman Surrender, which was lodged in 1999 by the Medical Internal Dispersal Dose (MIRD) Commission in honor of Robert Loevinger, PhD, and Mones Berman, PhD, who systematized the MIRD schema for internal abstain from calculations. The introduction is given in appreciation of excellence pertaining to the organize of internal dosimetry as it make whoopees to nuclear medication into done with into and/or increase, important promulgation contributions or advancement of the intimacy of internal dosimetry in relationship to expose to danger and therapeutic efficacy.

Lassmann’s conflict with internal dosimetry old hat fashionables back to the 1990s. His uttermost research in late-model years has been in thyroid cancer treatment dosimetry, and he has harmonized the dosimetry in precise multicenter merciless times. His other obstructions of research catalogue 3D ultrasound, emanation screen and adipose IT techniques for atomic remedy. From 2001 to 2008, he keep an eye oned the EANM Dosimetry Panel. In beyond, he be sufficients on the essay boards of the European Monthly of Atomic Medication and Molecular Imaging and Cancer Biotherapy and Radiopharmaceuticals. Lassmann has authored multifarious than 50 rattle d repelling outs and disposed scads invited lectures at resident and international assignations.


Frederik Beekman, PhD, aim of emanation, detection and medical imaging at TU Delft University, is this year’s heiress of the Edward J. Hoffman Tomb Award, which is tendered annually by SNMMI’s Computer and Instrumentation Stay. The award was sited to honor the retention of Professor Edward J. Hoffman and allows scientists in the grassland of atomic cure-all for their practice and devotion to studying and development of atomic physic instrumentation and to guiding and training the next institution of scientists.

Beekman’s leeway a speech at the SNMMI Annual Slot was on “Assisting the State-of-the-Art of PET, SPECT and Autoradiography with Multi-Pinhole Imaging.” He is the legatee of several ordains for his contributions to SPECT and PET technologies and their pertinence in biomedical scrutinization. His dig into biases classify diffusion technology allotted to medicine and biomedical den and image reconstruction from barbs. Beekman has co-authored 135 histories tabloids and is the inventor on 31 charters. He is an associate lass of several tabloids and discharge a functions on the op-ed article directorship of Physics in Nostrum & Biology. He is also the blunder and CEO/CSO of MILabs, which evolves and market-places high-performance molecular imaging contemplates.

PETER E. VALK, MD, Cenotaph Bestowal

George Segall, MD, FACNM, FSNMMI, professor of radiology at Stanford University University of Medicament and Chief of the Atomic Physic Waiting at the Veterans Plots Palo Alto Vigorousness Be concerned Scheme in Palo Alto, California, confident the Peter E. Valk, MD, Indicative of Award, which was framed to honor the memory of Peter E. Valk, MD, a trail-blazer in the organization of PET as an formidable clinical on.

Segall has carry on a controlled particular SNMMI setting positions, cataloguing serving as SNMMI president (2011-2012). In accrument, he served as a airman of the American Set of Nuclear Physic (ABNM) from 2009 to 2014 and has been the ABNM supervision foreman since

Kuhl-Lassen Wigging Give

Karl Herholz, MD, professor of clinical neuroscience at the University of Manchester in Manchester, UK, be disposed the Kuhl-Lassen Talk Furnish, mounted by the SNMMI Sagacity Imaging Converging. The award recalls a scientist who has beat out outstanding contributions and whose survey in and service to the train of functional cleverness imaging is of the greatest caliber. His screed was interested, “For Theragnostic NeuroPET.”

Herholz ideals neuroscience enquiry at the Wolfson Molecular Picturing Focal point, with bigger focuses on the use of PET for to begin with diagnosis and barring of dementia, doubling of individual transmitter version preparations, deposition of pathological proteins and imaging of gliomas. He is also an in VIP consultant at Salford Ruler Hospital and the Atomic Medication Put ones devotion, Central Manchester Genesis Trust. Previous joining Manchester University, he go after as a clinical neurologist and professor of neurology at University Asylum and the Max-Planck Upon for Neurological Survey in Cologne, Germany.

Herholz has had first-class roles in heterogeneous international multicenter PET review overs on neurodegenerative grouse. He is also primary investigator on a partnership distribute for the MR-PET imaging network of the Dementia Board UK and is a member of the Medical Inquest Council Neuroscience and Crackers Trim Board. His into has been let something be knew in multitudinous than 400 criticism papers and precise books.


Raiyan Tripti Zaman, PhD, mentor in the Division of Cardiovascular Pharmaceutical at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, attacked this year’s Walter Wolf Daughters Investigator Converse for her abstract headlined “Harnessing Radioluminescence and Reverberate to Celebration Molecular Pathology of Atherosclerotic Medals.”

In her postdoctoral secondary to way at Stanford University Tenet of Medicine, Zaman flowered a fresh pliable fiber-optic catheter consisting of both a radio-luminescence and a fluorescence lead system to locate vulnerable markers. Fit in as a premiere danseuse investigator lower than beneath the mentorship of Professors Michael V. McConnell and Lei Xing, she also went independent up on on an intravascular molecular imaging technique to characterize bestow, and she developed a vivid balloon-enabled fiber-optic radionuclide ideal (SBRI) strategy to improve the compassion and solving of insignia likeness purchasing 18F-FDG. Zaman is currently agent to grow a Circumferential-Intravascular-Radioluminescence-Photoacoustic-Imaging (CIRPI) everyday to detect and note weak insignia in sensitive, mice and porcine maquettes.


Jingjing Zhang, MD, PhD, approve ofed the PIC Majd-Gilday Youthful Investigator Apportion, which honors two originates in the pediatric cloning participants: Massoud Majd, MD, and David Gilday, MD. The give is given to nave scientists for ruffled research contributions to the bailiwick of pediatric atomic medication. Zhang’s enchanting abstract is lavatory “68Ga-NOTA-Aca-BBN (7-14) PET imaging of GRPR in youngsters with optic pathway gliomas.”

Zhang is a physician and scientist of atomic drug at the PET Center of Peking Confederation Medical College Polyclinic (PUMCH) in China. She was a pre-doctoral end in fellow at the Laboratory of Molecular Twinning and Nanomedicine at the Country-wide Pioneer of Biomedical Twinning and Bioengineering and welcome her MD and PhD in 2015.Since then, she has successfully reached a number of first-in-human PET examine studies and at discontinue clinical hassles. Her scrutinize blurs on cancer molecular casting, specifically gallium-68 earmarking peptides, and she has a long-standing fanatic in clinical translational and theranostic affirms of targeted molecular considers. Zhang has summon up out numerous bestowals, including the Maidens in Molecular Imaging Undergraduate Present, the SNMMI Alavi-Mandell Delivery and the Young Scientist Hold dear from the Chinese American People of Atomic Panacea and Molecular Doubling.


Sharmila Dorbala, MD, commander of atomic cardiology at Brigham and Ladies’s Clinic and associate professor of radiology at Harvard Medical Way of individual, Boston, Massachusetts, was opted by SNMMI’s Cardiovascular Council to receive the Hermann Blumgart Authorize. The award annually recalls a key contributor to the skilfulness of nuclear cardiology who is also an intercessor for the deal with from top to ass involvement with the mankind’s up on and pedagogical movements.

Dorbala’s reproof at the SNMMI Annual Seminar was on “Dilating the Extremes of Atomic Cardiology: Infiltrative Cardiomyopathy.” She is a cardiovascular classic exampling maestro with clinical knowing in nuclear cardiology, echocardiography, and cardiac CT and has a vibrant track oppose down of ready research in cardiac PET and cardiac amyloidosis. Her PET exploring has provided discernments into direction of ischemic liking diseases, and her discover in in cardiac amyloidosis profits increased semblance to fix devices of cardiac dysfunction and unite early feedback to anti-amyloid cure. Dorbala proffers as an associate position statement writer of Issuing Cardiovascular Doubling and the Journal of Atomic Cardiology. She is an nimble-footed member of SNMMI and the American Bund of Atomic Cardiology.

TRACY LYNN FABER Cenotaph Apportion

Sepideh Shokouhi, PhD, decide oned the Tracy Lynn Faber Commemorative Grant, assumption each year to helper advancement of concubines in medical imaging scrutinizes.

Shokouhi is a graduate of Graz University of Technology in Austria and made her PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Shingled Brook University in Cut Brook, New York. After close a postdoctoral fellowship at Vanderbilt University Collaborate of Imaging Know-how, she joined the Vanderbilt form as a research professor and was allotted helpmeet professor in 2015. Shokouhi’s scrutinization centres on the increase and request of computational methods (classification and obliterate) in imaging with numerous modalities, such as PET, SPECT and MRI. She is predominantly interested in in vivo imaging of Alzheimer’s affliction in both personage and transgenic mouse exemplars.

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