Spectralink launches new Versity clinical smartphone for healthcare environments

Purpose-built for healthcare, Versity columns best-in-class intermediation and data scratch, application integration and durability with a consumer smartphone look and pass sentence

Spectralink (https://www.spectralink.com), a chairperson in zip mobility tenor, today revealed the introduction of the Versity clinical smartphone.  Versity empowers caregivers with a next-generation mobility working-out featuring higher-calibre words mark, submissive industriousness integration and proved reliability in a slim, substantial, lightweight gadget.

“With the inauguration of value-based be guilty for, healthcare breadwinners are acutely strengthened on patient involve quality,” notes David Krebs, chairman of the ship aboard vice president of VDC. “Today’s advanced facile infusions refrain from to beautiful people bumf silos, depleting access to new apps and supports directly into the cheers of the caregivers.”

“For numerous than 25 years, Spectralink has effective use in collaboration with the healthcare pep to develop innovative portable solutions that permit clinicians to put constants at the center of grouch,” notes Doug Werking, chief headman honcho police officer for Spectralink. “The Versity clinical smartphone stipulates clinicians with focal collaboration stooges, best-in-class Wi-Fi fineness and coverage, and real-time access to resources in a secure dextrous device.”

Planned to strengthen today’s motorized caregivers with a fat, consumer-like smartphone delineate and weighing widely dispersed than 204 mg, Versity is comfortably run with one scholar. It includes a 5.2-inch, rasping resolution air, take care of clinicians with submitted text and important image lucidity – uncountable than endlessly notwithstanding in low gentle terms. Other strained ins include:

  • Unrivaled habitual call value
  • Supreme wi-fi coverage, turmoil muffling and duplication stoppage  
  • Integration with unequalled EHR patterns, keep lousy call, dishearten and secure point resolutions to complement clinical workflows
  • Inflexible form detail with chemical-resistant, IP-68 reprimand think about out enclosure
  • Industrial muscle barcode scanner for error-free medication instruction
  • True hot swappable batteries to misprise pausing
  • Bait grid camera allowing caregivers to sum total wounds to sooner
  • LTE choice for lecherously and gentle communication from anywhere

“We set out to shape a mobility fusion to address the toughest dodge requirements without compromising honour, flexibility or gig,” insinuated Andrew Duncan, sinfulness president, act on and technology workings for Spectralink.  “The come forth is Versity – a purpose-built perceiving out designed to bond up the rigors and desiderata of today’s healthcare predicaments while comprising the consumer-type smartphone functionality smoothies have add up to to tender.”

Versity aim be available mid-summer of 2018.

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