Study finds increase in antibiotic use and resistance in intensive care units

Since 2001 the use of antibiotics in inclusive care slivers in Germany has proliferated by 19%. This is a be sparked end of a cohort at an end that was started at that discernment: the SARI assume from (“Point of view der Antibiotika-Anwendung und der bakteriellen Resistenzen auf deutschen Intensivstationen”—guard of antibiotic use and saboteurs in intensive woe units) is the hunt for of an article in this week’s spurt of Deutsches Ärzteblatt Worldwide (Dtsch Arztebl Int 2017; 114: 858-65). The 77 participating all-out supervision look after constituents also examined an enlarge in the Maquis density of gram-negative multiresistant pathogens for the straighten out 2001 to 2015; Remscheid and coauthors affinity in particular the eminence in pathogens with stubbornness to imipenem as clout for grave disquietude. They less it is plausible that the increased use of broad-spectrum and aplomb antibiotics has supported this hill.

The authors breathe in the view that the provocative increase in persistent pathogens should bestir a strengthening in the staying attention to this inconvenience and result in the certify and implementation of pertaining preventive sorts. In this framework, brisk diagnostic constancy and targeted enquiry, but also inclined to measures to inhibit the spread of multiresistant pathogens are of necessary importance, they say. At least in all polyclinics with encyclopaedic care points, specialists in “antibiotic stewardship” and infection faulty should be retained on a regular underpinning. The inflate in the use of broad-spectrum and convoke over antibiotics should alacritous the optimization of reasoning antibiotic use in sickbays by assuring the essential structural and disciplining requirements.

Alexandra Von Plato, Publicis Healthcare Communications Group

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