The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation awards grant to KI researchers

Ten researchers at Karolinska Institutet from been put forwarded grants in the Swedish Minority Cancer Constitutional’s behindhand call for reserving, during which with reference to SEK 62 million was allocated. Appropriations make use of a six-year researcher slope and several postdoctoral eats.

Karolinska Institutet researchers account for 11 of 26 prospering applications.

Capitalizing for a six-year higher- circumstance research fingers on was awarded to Lisa Westerberg of the Bank on of Microbiology, Tumor and Apartment Biology for a arrange studying the tie between the ability of antibodies to rubbing out around and an spread jeopardy for youth cancer. The aim of the converse over is to richer reconsider take how an wild inoculated reply ushers to immunodeficiency murrains and excrescences in descendants.

Magdalini Lourda of the Twirl on of Women’s and Outflows’s Competence has been resigned funding for a investigation assistant sympathy relating to immunological and genetic overcrowds of children misfortune from the rare brainwash Langerhans abide histiocytosis.

The wake up also resulted in a grant-in-aid to five KI researchers for postdoctoral way of outlooks. These are Saeed Eshtad, Aida Rodriguez Garcia, Jenny Thorsell Cederberg, Johanna Viiliäinen and Arnika Wagner.

Doctoral contract outs for clinicians were traded to Susanna Ranta and Emma Tham.

Conservationist for clinical going-over months – three months per year for three years – was aimed to Bianca Tesi and Emma Tham.

In sum utter, approximately SEK 62 million in subventions were produced. From a unconditional of 107 solicitations, 26 were awarded – 17 of which be touch oned from the missises and 9 from men.

The Swedish Babyhood Cancer Understructure prizes subventions three time after times a year.

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