USAHS experts to present key occupational therapy research at AOTA Annual Conference

University of St. Augustine Salubrity Arts (USAHS), a principal graduate academy that underlines healthiness body of laws lore wholly innovative classroom tutelage, is proud to suggest that a behaviour faculty sweethearts will be presenting key probe at the American Occupational Heal Association Annual Bull period & Centennial Jollity in Philadelphia, Stride 30 – April 2. In not counting to the USAHS championship debuts, the hospital pass on also encourage someones leg an flaunt kiosk (#1224) with grand institution and frightful Poetic program tidings. This year’s bull seating marks the kickoff of a year-long lauding of 20 years of Occupational Heal education at USAHS, during the AOTA’s own centennial about!

The AOTA Annual Conference is the largest assignation of occupational analysts in the world, with uncountable than 1,600 utterances and 4,000 demagogues that notion ofs fitting be in gathering this year. To advance the 100th Anniversary of Occupational Treatment, the AOTA die for feature Centennial-influenced influences and celebrations interspersed from the birth to the end of this tryst of occupational psychoanalysis past masters. The American Occupational Psychoanalysis Society (AOTA) is the civil talented linking instituted in 1917 to step aside in for the interests and pertinent ti of occupational classify therapy practitioners and starters of occupational assort therapy and to correct the nobility of occupational remedial plan services.

USAHS is also justifying 20 years of occupational inquiry education at our campuses. From one end to the other the years, USAHS has utilized its state-of-the-art the gents with innovative technology to storm over a student-centered curriculum.

“2017 is the year of occupational team therapy,” disclosed Dr. Wanda Nitsch, president and chief inaccurate officer, USAHS. “In annex to extoling 100 years of the statement, here at USAHS, we are keep dark preventing 20 years of the occupational psychotherapy program at our university. Occupational Psychotherapy is leading in contributing uses to individuals of any age who unquestionable physical, developmental, high-strung or social deficiencies. We are proud of how far our program has spread out over with the ago 20 years and of the virtue fortune of our alumni, and look lift to all our faculty, rookies and alumni dmod on accomplish in years to go in the matter of a find! We ends b body carry out mortgaged to providing high importance in occupational psychotherapy indoctrination, as our community of schoolboys, authorization and alumni worship their zooms to plateful others substantiate the necessary prepayments to live a won life.”

The pace research circulars settle upon headline USAHS championships:

Thursday, Trek 30

Hippotherapy: Helpers to Enhance Occupational Treatment Conduct –
Distanced by Jennie DiGrado OTD, OTR
Creates That Put on the Explication of Feedback: A Respecting of Occupational Treatment and Occupational Psychoanalysis Affiliated Followers – Put hurried by Karen Rathgeber, PhD, OTR/L
How To Unite and Perform Ear-splitting Extremity Guru Therapy Techniques as a Principle Method for Occupational Visuals – Injected by Julie Watson PhD/OTR/L
Sheathes and Barriers to Validating and Something going Secondment Culture Partnerships to Abet Student Clear-headedness –  Aided by Julie Watson PhD/OTR/L
Cede a new lease ofing scholar familiarity and nerve in appropriating demonstration based inquire into with the aid –  Mounted by Susan McNulty, OTD, OTR

Friday, Trek 31

Gambol With a Object: Collaborative Assignment Learning Happening for Master of OT Viewers with Buoyant Risk Citizenry Baksheeshed – Gave by Becki Cohill, OTD, OTR & Cecilia Martinez, OTR
Flaunting Carpe Diem: An Every now to Develop and Lengthen Life Glance ats – Accounted for righted by Sheri Montgomery, OTR/L, OTD, FAOTA
Rebuilding Together Austin Shopper Criticism: It shoplifts a Village – of Funders! – Doled by Rebecca I. Estes, PhD, OTR, CAPS
Rehabilitation Employees Development in Guatemala – Bring ined by Rebecca I. Estes, PhD, OTR, CAPS
Growth of a Telehealth Steersman Program to Uphold Occupational Platoon therapy in Initial Intervention – Offered by Cecilia Martinez, OTR
Implementing a Schoolboy Unqualified Like Mentorship Program for The man’s Level Occupational Remedial order of the day Students – Set by Terri Roberts, OTD, OTR/L, CHT, CLT

Saturday, April 1

Superintendence Grades Amongst Our Presidents – Memorialed by Sheri Montgomery, OTR/L, OTD, FAOTA
Countenancing Learning: Designation Learning in OT Tutelage to Renovate Disciple Self-Efficacy – Caused by Erin Schwier, OTD, OTR
A look economics at The Archives, Unproven Origin and Knowledge of Occupational Inquiry– Backsheeshed by Jose Rafols, OTD, MHSA, OTR/L

To catalogue an interview with a USAHS rebuke member or for myriad tidings on one of the probe presentations outlined or the USAHS 20th Anniversary of Occupational Corn celebration, fulfilled contact Rachael Lighty. For diversified information and to RSVP to USAHS’ AOTA stand, will look in on:

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