‘A Legislative Masterpiece’: What We Heard This Week

Quotable extricates from MedPage Today‘s begetters

“I ascertain it’s a legislative chef-doeuvre on the possess of Chairperson [Mitch] McConnell … The conservatives are rent lyrical much what they urge under Medicaid [a downed repeal of growing and a per-capita determined payment] and the non-radicals are getting easy on the ears much what they cause a yen for under Obamacare.” — Robert Laszewski, president of Salubriousness Approach and Policy Associates, in Alexandria, Va., on the Senate’s diagram legislation to repeal-and-replace the Affordable Attention Act.

“Purveying these tax credits while sabotaging the cost-sharing aegises is virtually a mirage for single outs in poverty.” — Dania Palanker, JD, MPP, confederate with investigating professor at Georgetown University, also debating the outline Senate neb.

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