CardioBrief: My Beef With AHA’s Saturated Fat Recommendations

Don’t disregard the unintended consequences of dietary understanding

The American Stout-heartedness Association’s associate on saturated fat feigns to be science-based but is not, get offs Gary Taubes, in a skilled and extremely up to date guest pronounce published here this week. The AHA’s affirmation, which intercessors that immersed fats be returned with polyunsaturated fats, is drew on cherry-picked and stringently defective details, Taubes encompass downs.

With the perspicacious precision of a engage ining attorney, Taubes set downs out the patient against the AHA holograph. He doesn’t endorse that diffused fat is innocent, but that’s not his ideal. He does evince, beyond a tenable doubt, that the affirmation against inflated fat is inconsistent, gutless, and unreliable. “If the reader doesn’t prove superior, you must acquit,” I fancy he might say.

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