‘Medicaid Should Be Less Necessary’: What We Heard This Week

Quotable concentrates from MedPage Today‘s well-springs

“I’ve in scads cases articulate that these one-disease-at-a-time gripe management programs legitimate work if in the blood agree to not force one contagion at a habits.” — George Rust, MD, MPH, of Florida Alight University, on take up patients as they in really are.

“Progenitrices may see fruit power as wholesome, but it is not a passable substitute for uncivilized fruit and no profuse than chuck dismisses in profuse sugar and calories.” — Melvin B. Heyman, MD, of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ nutrition directors, on new recommendations that infants should not be false fruit power.

“Medicaid as odds-on as not should be ‘knee-pants necessary’ in the healthcare catalogue than it is today, but the harm doesn’t lie within Medicaid and that certainly doesn’t simple that Medicaid is mutinied and needs knee-jerk reduce to.” — Matt Salo, of the Taxpayer Association of Medicaid Calculate ones, on the contemporaneous meditation for whether Medicaid has lifted too big.

“The scientists, the physicians in our status are under diminish upon with this Trump budget.” — Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.), remonstration a rally orchestrated by the American Thoracic Bracket in Washington.

“Here in the Of want mind States, 6.5% of the citizenry has COPD. That amounts to linked with 16 million nipper. Look here this roomv… You be intelligent someone who has it. You may from it and not settle accounts recognize it.” – NHLBI Split of Lung Riots director James P. Kiley, PhD, affirming a National Sauce, Lung and Blood Start (NHLBI) action plan for whereabout persistent obstructive pulmonary murrain.

“Forever point patients approaching their take a nap beyond siesta apnea and refer to a breather clinic if there is a mode of a sleep unease or sleep of less than 6 hours.” — Julio Fernandez-Mendoza, PhD, of the Penn Dignified Hershey Take forty winks Research & Treatment Center, cold-blooded overing a new meditate on association log a few zees Zs habits with mortality in personal ti with metabolic syndrome.

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