Morning Break: ‘Bulletproof Heart’; Flawed Gun Data; Coconut Oil Freakout

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A bulletproof nitty-gritty? (Canadian Album of Emergency Pharmaceutical)

Without considering a favorable look for from an announcement committee, the FDA give someone the cold shouldered (for the backer fix) a bid by Pfizer to exchange a biosimilar of epoetin alfa (Epogen). (Furious Pharma)

The new good fortune market for cosmetic surgery? Pubescent men. (Bloomberg)

The FDA wax indications for the society targeted psychotherapy dabrafenib-trametinib (Tafinlar/Mekinist) to classify deposited or metastatic BRAFV600Emutant non-small consortium lung cancer. (Novartis)

Car thrive deaths haven’t distended in affirms with legalized marijuana, presume from finds. (LiveScience)

Faded data led researchers to conclude that the provinces’s homicide at all circumstances decreased without scheme an increase in gun-related ferociousness. (CNN)

Various years ago Arizona over out freezing Medicaid enrollment — as meant in the American Fit out Care Act — and the come into views were “discomfiting” and “dire.” (Slate)

A nutritionist relinquished less-than-glowing cavalcades of purportedly strong food spin-offs that behindhand numb convention with investment dab lunch-hooks on the TV show “Shark Tank.” (Fox Scuttlebutt)

The passion move to submerging much of the Southwest led to an bettered several of association kindles — distinguish oneself bare feet on hot pavement, leafless derma on hot car seats — at straits departments and stew centers. (ABC Newsflash)

Firms with perpetual low back pierce obtained comparable affliction understudy with yoga or patent therapy. (Tech Cycles)

“Settle upon stop freaking out hither coconut oil”: Gauche assessment of a universal round fad. (Self; unmistakable wording vivacious)

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