Smoking While Pregnant May Increase Grandchildren’s Autism Risk (ScienceDaily)

Granddaughters of lady-loves who smoked during pregnancy had 53% augmented peril of ASD

Increased jeopardy for autism may be associated with nurturing grandmothers’ smoking placements, ScienceDaily dynamited.

Published in Well-organized Documents, an persistent mull over of 14,500 legatee reported a 53% beared risk of diagnosis of autism spectrum broil (ASD) if the offspring’s warm up grandmother smoked during pregnancy. Similarly, granddaughters perfected a 67% dilated hazard of exhibiting quirks associated with autism, be sensory delicacies or badly off public communication, if her motherly grandmother smoked during pregnancy.

The researchers yield b set forth up these good senses may be due to damage of the DNA of mitochondria from cigarette smoke, or potentially due to the about that cigarette smoke has on happening eggs of the fetus while in utero.