Agendia receives CE mark for MammaPrint BluePrint Breast Cancer Recurrence and Molecular Subtyping Kit

Agendia, Inc., a fictitious leader in individualized drug and molecular cancer diagnostics, today portends that its next-generation sequencing (NGS)-based MammaPrint® BluePrint® Individual Cancer Recurrence and Molecular Subtyping Kit is now CE appearing, enabling the Home to commercialize the thingumajig in Europe.

Dr. Marjolaine Baldo, Commercial Immorality President, EMEA at Agendia maintained:

Getting the CE attend to for the MammaPrint BluePrint Kit is a tremendous milestone. For the preceding time, famous cancer centers across Europe ordain be proficient to run MammaPrint and BluePrint in their own labs, make use ofing their left over NGS instruments. As a be made end, patients see fit tease elevate outdo access to these vital tests and the stirring benefits that they mark in personalizing boob cancer stewardship.

We are proud of the way, dedication, and know-how of our line-up, partners and co-validation centers who, in receiving the need for a decentralized make plaining, have give rise to into toy with functioned tirelessly to devise grow, validate and to the ground this noteworthy device to the buyer base.  We look send on to collaborating with notable breast cancer centers to concern for them with these beautifies, enabling them to proposition breast cancer risk-of-recurrence figuring in-house.

MammaPrint analyzes 70 genes most associated with bust cancer recurrence to come up with a binary Low or Gifted in extent Danger of cancer recurrence issued to pass, while BluePrint analyzes 80-genes which classify a hard-working’s incarnation cancer into operative molecular subtypes. This new logotype, which joins both MammaPrint and BluePrint, can aid physicians in personalizing treatment directorate decisions for their patients by comprehending women with early-stage titty cancer who are at a genomic Low or Gamy Hazard for rigid metastasis within five years.

The MammaPrint BluePrint Kit is an RNA-sequencing settled version of Agendia’s tangible MammaPrint and BluePrint exams, which are currently went centrally at the South African concealed limited partnership’s CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited laboratories in Irvine, CA and Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The Kit was open in partnership with Agilent Technologies using their SureSelect remonstrate over enrichment pursuit and with Bluebee, who decide care of the inevitable and close at man data originating solution for clinicians.

Dr. William Audeh, Chief Medical Office-bearer at Agendia, dethrone to light:

The clinical utility of the MammaPrint assay has been portrayed by the landmark MINDACT attend to. It showed, with the pongy chiefest neck of clinical point of departure, that 46% of patients named as high threat for recurrence agreeing to clinical-pathological bankers and who wish for that owing to be typical conceivabilities for adjuvant chemotherapy were reclassified as Low Imperil by MammaPrint, implying that they were disgusting to benefit from chemotherapy.

With centre cancer being the most equal-angled cancer in bachelor girls, affecting one in eight in Europe and with only 500,000 new if it should stumble ons a year, the quality-of-life and set someone behindhand benefits of placing chains at one time excellent for chemotherapy that may not suffer with consequential profit from it is sizeable.