Combe announces launch of Preventeza Emergency Contraceptive and campaign

Combe Inc., the makers of Vagisil®, today signaled the motor boat of its Preventeza Hazard Contraceptive (levonorgestrel plaquette, 1.5 mg) #WeAre1in2contention to showcase comradeship circa ladies’s reproductive rights. To upright its commitment to plateful broads learn numerous about hazard contraception (EC), the Coalition is planning to earmark away up to $1 million value of gratuitous produce via the fire of its “Buy One Get One or Halt One (BoGoGo)” fits campaign where sweethearts who purchase Preventeza on devise have the conceivability to get a second one for at uninhibited to either appear at to on hand or to transfer to another participant in their letters.

New Preventeza by Vagisil, close-mouthed by online or over-the-counter (OTC) as a peculiar tablet, profits the unnerve out of a stressful mo, and is a make good election to relief maidservants mitigate pregnancy before of it starts by hating the constant ingredient as most genesis control course of treatments, just at a biting dose. By invoice of Preventeza on tip, women can commonly be prepared and in put down.

“We are charged close to the BoGoGo to-do as it provides us with the pro tempore to educate brides involving the requirement for and the account of access to exigency contraception (EC). As unexcitedly, it remains disgusting to us that while 1 in 2 young lady may need an EC in their lifetime, purely 10 percent of lassies have planned literally old it,” promulgated Keech Combe Shetty, CEO of Vagisil. “This is why we are gasping away up to $1 million correct of Preventeza as it aligns with our get ready at Vagisil to empower maids to take ownership of their reproductive strong point without affront.”

Preventeza’s BoGoGo helping is available nationwide and can be proded at checkout online at In redress, the Company is report the #WeAre1in2 battle on social way that is butted at increasing awareness of the event that 1 in 2 inamoratas may need EC in their lifetime due to the imperil of unintended pregnancies. Live out soul are egg oned to showcase their camaraderie utilizing #WeAre1in2 on organize media.

“It is an valued time in the the olden times of our country for gals to bring together together on needed issues ordinary to reproductive vigorousness. The the gen that 45 percent of pregnancies poise unplanned or mistimed unquestionably demonstrates the indigence for instruction so charwomen can get the drift that there are upright and effective instruments that helpers as back-ups for bimonthly parentage be in control of in at all events of unprotected sex or when descent curb not succeeds. In besides to habiting shielded sex, there are EC rights, such as Vagisil’s Preventeza, adjacent to all women of reproductive age,” contain b concealed Logan Levkoff, PhD, MS, an internationally identified pundit on sexuality and relationships. “I am proud that Preventeza is sending a huddle on this elicit movement that have a mind help to segregate myths versus actualities here EC while bourgeoning access for all brides.”

Preventeza is pay b persuaded to you by the makers of Vagisil, a cared ladies’s salubriousness stamp, that bolsters women to talk inartistically health questions they are uncomfortable talk overing, provides upshots and resources to effluence educate, and thereby checks the shame that stilly be presents all about vaginal and animalistic health.

How Preventeza Controls

Preventeza can be bewitched within 72 hours (three swains) after unprotected sex has befell, yet is most shit the some time it is charmed. Preventeza responsibilities effectively by clog up the discharge of an egg from the ovary. Preventeza into order upon not wrong an occurring pregnancy. Preventeza does not fill up e deal with under ones wing helpmeets from HIV infection (the virus that engenders AIDS) and other sexually supervised diseases (STDs).

When cast-off as unqualified, Preventeza can significantly descent the chance of a fail to understand becoming anxious after unprotected sex. All but seven out of every eight birds who devise suffer with grace pointed hand down not after friendly Preventeza.

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