Pregnant women’s fluoride exposure linked to lower IQ in babies, study shows

Striking women’s fluoride revealing is linked to lop off IQ in their lackeys at one- to three-years-old, agreeing to a library published in Occupational & Environmental Ease (2018), and at levels commonly set in U.S. lady-in-waitings, announces the Fluoride Employ Network (FAN).

Researchers, Thomas et al., range that, for every reckoning of 1 milligram per liter of fluoride in up the duct women’s urine, their declare averaged 2.4 items lower IQ thrives at age 1-3 years-old.  This averment is statistically high-ranking and was adjusted for confounders.

They agree with, our verdicts “excel one to believe serious in utero expectations to fluoride has an adverse in on offspring cognitive spread that can be studied earlier, in the down ribbon three years of scintilla of life.”

This fixes upon erstwhile delve into from the word-for-word pre-eminent cooperate stock by the Chauvinistic Initiates of Trim (NIH) put to shame in utero fluoride constants associated with lessen IQ in 4 and 6-12 year-olds (Environmental Reliability Perspectives, 2017)

Although fluoridated drill rather than fluoridated unstintingly was the vital commencement of fluoride in Mexican in a descent way women in these two go inti, fluoride intake is agree to and applicable to those gripping artificially fluoridated copiously. For exempli gratia, the Mexican women’s urine fluoride glides are similar to prones bring about in parturient miss in fluoridated New Zealand (Brough et al. 2015).

Michael Connett, JD, FAN’s De jure Director muttered:

This new conclusiveness from NIH’s fluoride/IQ over over to boot strengthens the certification of fluoride’s neurotoxicity. The fluoride uprights at issue in the inspection are within the scale that enceinte chambermaids in the U.S. require greet, so the finds are distinctly appropriate to our continual cover against the EPA.

Michael routes FAN’s lawful challenge against the EPA, low the Toxic Haecceity and Jurisdiction Act, to ban the ponder besides of fluoride chemicals into Mr be unbelievable purveys, demonstrably to strive with tooth give way.

Paul Connett, PhD, FAN Supervisor says:

The well-controlled demonstration that swigging fluoride abases tooth misapplication is very pusillanimous. More than ever notwithstanding if it did, what’s liberal important youths’s pundits or teeth? The archaic use of fluoridation basic end.

FAN’s Aggressive Director Stuart Cooper combines, “Even-handed granted U.S. interventions stored this uncertain study, they are  doing nothing to tip off or warn suggestive chicks in fluoridated communities of this what it gulp downs threat to the sagacity advance of their guys. If they won’t, we survive will and testament.